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You have the opportunity to get a higher understanding about essential oils. I am here to provide an introduction and basic level of education about what they are and how to use essential oils. And, if you follow along, you will find that as I gain a higher level of knowledge on a particular use, I will pass along the knowledge by providing a focused class.

  • 10/25/18 at 7:30 PM EST: ESSENTIAL OILS 102 - Request access to my private Facebook Group, An Oily FREE.K Community, where we have nothing but oils. education. chatter. by clicking here. Here, I will utilize Facebook's Social Learning Units. That means all class posts will happen on the main group feed starting at class time, but will be organized under the Essential Oils 102 | Unit #2 in the social learning unit section for easy reference.

  • 07/10/18 at 7:00 PM EST: Essential Oils 101 - Online Here
  • 07/17/18 at 10:00 AM EST: NingXia Red - All The Antioxidants - Online Here

  • 05/08/18: Essential Oils 101 - Online Here (Due to a personal conflict in my schedule, I'll be starting this class at 11 AM EST on Tuesday, May 8th. Join now and watch for the LIVE Q&A post.)
  • 05/22/18 at 10:00 AM EST: The Skinny on Essential Rewards - Online Here

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