How I fell in love with Essential Oils

I fell in love with Essential Oils this year (2015) because of the amazing results it brought into our household. Since then, I've become an oily FREE.K.  See why...

In March of 2015 during a long road trip to meet my newest nephew, I started feeling bad. History on me and travel? I always come down with sinusitis or something similar during travel, probably because I don't get a lot of sleep in the hours before travel. Anyway, after I mentioned not feeling well, my sister passed me her roller bottle of Thieves and said use this every hour until we get to our destination. When we arrived, I had completely forgotten that I didn't feel well, and I never got sick!!

At the time, my son was about 8 months old. He had been "sick" about twice by then. They don't do a lot for children under the age of one when they have congestion, but the doctor will tell you to keep their heads elevated, use saline, a humidifier and you can use a vapor rub on their feet. Even though those options helped him from getting worse, the germs had to run their course and the course was too long for my liking. Therefore, after our road trip, I came home and ordered my own bottle of Thieves from our mutual friend who sent it to my sister. I started using it on my baby's feet every night. Since, he has not been sick enough for the doctor.

Since then, I have included more and more of the oils into our daily routine (aromatically, topically, and even dietary), and it seems to keep the whole house well. Now, I am working on making or finding the perfect blend for my husband's pain & inflammation. He has fought these symptoms for years without any diagnosis or relief from many doctor consultations. I am convinced that we can find a natural remedy or at least a natural form of relief for him. A lot of the topical blends have helped relieve some of his pain temporarily, but we haven't been consistent enough in our application to see more permanent results. Our routine is improving, and I trust our results will follow.

I am excited to help other people find more natural reliefs and remedies to their ailments!

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Please Note: the FDA would appreciate it if you would make note that I am not a doctor. I cannot offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or refer you to any anticancer oils for disease.  I love essential oils, and I am passionate about sharing what I discover and experience as they support a healthy lifestyle for our family.  I encourage you to ask your doctor about essential oils, do as much research as you can, take it slow and learn your body & how it responds to essential oils.  Essential Oils are amazing little drops, but they are also very powerful.  Take control of your body and change the way you look at wellness.

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