Thursday, March 23, 2017

Moving Day

I technically relocated to the country almost two years ago, but the market wasn't in great shape and our home was in need of some minor attention. Since my husband's work is on our old side of town, it helped having a place for him to stay a few nights a week. However, the updates to the house were pretty much complete and the commute has definitely taken it's toll. Time to sell.

The Lord blessed us by allowing us to cross paths with buyer's who were renting in our neighborhood. Though it's been an unconventional process, we remained faithful asking God to bless this transaction and our efforts to sell to them. Finally, we are scheduled to close.

With a closing date drawing near, we are making arrangements to start packing and moving, so tons of questions are crossing my mind. How will I pack the remaining items in my house with a 2 year old who requires A LOT of attention. Will he unpack the box I just closed? Can we get away without a storage unit or will we have to splurge on that too? If we do need a storage unit, will it need to be climate control? Thankfully, I have an adaptable set of people working with me to help us find all the answers we need during this transition.

Some obvious things on the to do list include packing, but I had to determine if there was any furniture that we could let go. Determined there is, I start photographing and listing items that can go from our current living arrangements, and, later, I'll add the items from the house we are selling. It doesn't matter if I'm yard selling or online selling IT IS STRESSFUL & NOT my forte.

Combine Stress Away, Orange & Peppermint in the Diffuser for a sweet stress relief!
If you're in the Luthersville, GA region and need a couch, faux leather chair, chest & nightstand or baby crib, let me know by sending an email. Here'a re pictures, but you can also find them on letgo or 5miles.

Antiqued Black Chest & Nightstand - $150 OBO

34" W x 21" D x 48.75" H
Good Condition, yet bottom drawer is in need of minor repair.


22" W x 18.25" D x 27" H
Faux Leather Chair with Ottoman - $200 OBO

Chair: 50" W x 37" D | Ottoman: 24" x 24"


Sturdy Couch - $100 OBO

88-90" L x 38" D

Sturdy Baby Bed - $75 OBO

Regular Size Crib

Folded: 6' L x 52" H
I am surely not the only one who's lived this, but if you know of someone who is looking for any of these items, please have them make me an offer. We are ready to letgo!!

What essential oils do you prefer in a stressful situation? Frankincense is also on my list.

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