Monday, February 11, 2019

Web Designer & SEO Copy Writer

Today, there are a ton of tools on the market for building your own website. Doing it yourself is a great low-cost-solution for an entrepreneur, non-profit or startup company who does not have the funds in their budget to outsource the project.


Let's talk about Design Tools. First, you'll find a few tools that are free to use with a friendly user interface. Typically, these free tool offer an upgraded plan that comes with more features. Last, you'll find a list of tools that are only available at a cost. While I'm not going to review each tool today, let me at least provide you my list.

Free Design Tools: Google Sites (though I will warn you, this is not designed to create small business websites) Ucraft, Weebly, Wix and All of these tools will display an ad on your site in exchange for free use, some will limit your bandwidth (how many users can visit your site each month), but most of them offer free upgraded plans which come with better features.

Paid Design Tools: - GoCentral Website Designer, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress (click here to choose between WordPress .com and .org) and there is also a web design tool called Zenfolio for photographers. I haven't built a site using Zenfolio yet, but it seems like a good all-around-option for the photographer who wants to build their own site and pay for multiple features in one monthly payment.

Currently, my preference is Wix. But why? As an affordable web designer, Wix allows me to start with a client approved template, but gives me the freedom to be as creative as I want. Wix offers collection of tools such a customer management system including contact lists and an automated email system, online store, members only area and so many more features which allow for and support growth.


So with all of these tools available, why should you consider hiring an expert Web Designer and/or SEO Copy writer?

The top reason to hire an expert is to get it right the first time and time management, of course. Rather than spending your time learning a new skillset and the functionality of tools that do not benefit your business beyond the design of your website, hire it out.

Product choice. Do you know which web design tool offers all the feature you need to create your final product? Can you choose a tool that will grow with your business, or will you end having to redesign and relaunch as after your business outgrows your initial website? 

Time to market. Even if you're not open for business yet, I bet you have a start date in mind. Have an expert complete your website for you, in order to launch on time.

Expert launches make the biggest impact. Are you capable of creating the right amount of buzz about your website launch before you launch? Do you know how much bandwidth is necessary to keep the site live during a launch?

Those are all great reasons to work with an expert Web Designer, but don't forget the most valuable asset of SEO knowledge. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is arguably the most valuable asset of a website.

While social media and ads can target your audience, ads have a cost associated to them, but a website with good search engine optimization will target your ideal audience without the demand for recurring, costly ads.


If you are still unsure about whether you want to tackle your own web design or hire an expert, download my FREE Guide. At least these tips will help you consider the different aspects of SEO.

FREE SEO Strategy Tips for the DIY-er by Tiffanie Teel

Comment below with your experience about building your own website or hiring an expert.

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