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A website is where you rock your online presence on your terms.

Here's how you can get noticed, build trust, and turn your audience into raving fans.


Design Like a Wix Expert | Online Wix Tutorial | Online Course


Tiffanie Teel’s 6-week co-creative online web design course.

get online. get leads. get sales.

Imagine if you had a website that attracted your ideal clients, answered all their questions, and converted them into paying customers.

Website Design

What if I told you...

You could create a powerful, professional website that shines a spotlight on your expertise, builds your brand identity, and increases your sales.

It sounds impossible, but it's not. For real.

Shop Owner on Phone

Here’s what most people miss...

It’s not just about having a place where people find you online. It’s not even about the pretty design, quality images, or contact form.

When it comes to designing a website that makes money, most people focus on all the WRONG things.

What you should be doing is focusing on how to make your website work for you.

I hear it all the time...

“I’m spending hours on social media, hustling DMs, and answering the same old questions.”

“I don’t trust social media with my content and lead generation.”

“I want to work fewer hours but make more money.”

“I started to build a website but got lost in the editor.”

“I built my business on social media, spending far too much time there.”

“Ugh. I thought Wix would be easy, but I don’t know where to start.”

“I’m not creative at all. But I really need a website. Help!”

“I know I need a site, but I can’t afford to hire a professional.”

 Young Woman Contemplating

I’m guessing you might feel this way too.


You see everyone else linking back to their website, connecting with clients, and making a pile of sales with ease.

Everything. You. Want. For. Your. Business.


In fact, you know you’d level up if you finally launched a website.

You’re not hiding your head in the sand. You know you could help more people in far less time...

But your struggle to get online, and everything involved, is holding you back.

Honey, designing and launching a website to make more money doesn’t have to be hard. And it certainly doesn’t need to cost a small fortune.

Imagine what it would be like if you...

      Could log in to Wix and create your website with ease because you finally get it.

      Gained confidence in your design skills because you know what you’re doing.

      Could use your skills to maintain and grow your website.
      Felt excited to automate your business now that you have a place to do it.

      Saw limitless opportunity to make money from web design skills.

You’ve got to combine branding, the RIGHT COPY for your audience, and a SIMPLE DESIGN to help solve a problem that CONVERTS CLIENTS.


Laptop on a Desk

Design Like a Wix Expert is here to help you create a website that elevates your exposure.

If you want to…

       Uncover the mastered mindset of a designer.

       Master your Wix account.

       Design like an expert.

       Get familiar with the design tools within the Wix Editor.

       Optimize your visibility online.


Design Like a Wix Expert is the course for you!

You're a perfect fit if...

You’ve toyed with a website, found it awkward, and walked away.
When it comes to your business, awkwardness is not endearing. Your website needs to be amazing and elevate your expertise—not squash it.

You know exactly what you want but can’t find your way around Wix.
Since you’re capable as all heck, all you need is someone to fill in the gaps—a little boost to help transform your design concept into a functional website.

You can’t afford to hire a professional.
Professional design service is beyond your budget, but you know you’re limiting your growth without a website.

You want to learn something new and gain design confidence.
Mastering the Wix Editor will do just that!

You’ve never designed before.
Doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You CAN do this, and I’ll show you just how easy it is.

You’re afraid to put your business online.
It’s important to be where the people are—and everyone’s online!
A professional website will showcase your products and services, increase visibility, and help establish your place in the industry.

You dream about staying home with your kids AND contributing to family finances.
It’s doable! Give yourself the freedom to grow into your perfectly designed life and do more of what you love.

You don’t have a business idea or skillset that you’re comfortable freelancing.
A high-level mastermind experience within a community of industry leaders ready to skyrocket their visibility, impact, and income is the push you need.

You’re a bit of a control freak.
That’s okay. Everyone needs help, accountability, and feedback when it comes to growing an online business.

You don’t think you need this.
Yet, you can’t seem to get that needle moving in the right direction. You’re posting like crazy all over social media but the right people aren’t showing up.

Tiffanie Teel | Top Newnan Web Designer
Tell me where to end your digital copy today

Oh snap, maybe we haven't met! I'm Tiffanie, the Founder + Creative Director of Design Like a Wix Expert!


I help creatives and entrepreneurs

move from social media to the world wide web with innovative and cohesive websites that raise their visibility, impact, and income.

You can get a proper intro here.



Kayla Duffey

“Katee introduced me to Tiffanie, and we instantly connected over motherhood and small business. When I discovered how knowledgeable and brilliant Tiffanie is when it comes to building beautiful websites that attract and convert clients, I booked her services. She was so easy to communicate with and created the most perfect website for my business! I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking to take your website from concept to cash!”


Kerri Felder

Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville

"We had Tiffanie design a website for our family floor covering business in 2013 and were so pleased with her work. When it came time for a website update to align with new technologies, contacting her was a no brainer. She is hardworking, professional, creative, dependable, and our “go to” person for all things “techy.” If you’re in the market for web design, we would highly recommend Tiffanie!”

I’m taking 20-25 students. Doors close February 7 at 11:59 PM EST

Design Like a Wix Expert starts February 15.

Tiffanie Teel | Top Newnan Web Designer

A peek inside the course:

6-Week Course.
Weekly in-depth live training.
Weekly Q+A sessions.
Video and tutorial recordings.
Downloadable PDFs.
Tools + templates.
Weekly assignments.

Hot Seats.
Website audits + feedback.
Opportunity for done-for-you design.
Facebook group.
Supportive community.
Launch in 30 Days.

This course is a step-by-step guide through my signature Wix Design Methodology used to create multi-thousand-dollar websites at a fraction of the price. You get access to everything from in-depth worksheets and client exercises to proven processes used to design websites that convert.

Joining Design Like a Wix Expert also gives you support from me, plus every student inside. It’s like having your own personal cheer squad, encouraging you every step of the way.


“Tiffanie is awesome. Not only is she the sweetest gal you’ll know, but she’s professional and thorough and passionate about her work. She worked tirelessly to make my website absolutely awesome. She’s quick to respond to questions, and she is transparent and clear about pricing and details. I’ve heard nothing but great things about my website since she has spiced it up for me! I can’t say enough great things about her.”

In this easy-to-digest online course, you will…

       Be in a small group of like-minded students.
       Get content determined by what YOU need help with and want to learn.
       Ask a ton of questions and get direct feedback—future students of the course will NOT have access at this level!
       Have the guidance and support you need to create a powerful and prosperous website.

Design Like A Wix Expert includes...

Tiffanie Teel | Top Newnan Web Designer

Prep Week (Email - Module 1): The Developing Mindset Matter of Design (even if you don’t consider yourself creative!) + Bonuses

Week 1 (Live Workshop – Module 2): Master Your Wix Account (learn your way around Wix, comfort is security!)

Week 2 (Live Workshop – Module 3): Design Like a Wix Expert (master the editor to establish your unique style!)

Week 3 (Short Live Workshop): Implementation Week

Week 4 (Live Workshop – Module 4): Sprinkle Your Site into the WWW (bring your brand to life by publishing and submitting your URL to Google!)

Week 5 (Live Workshop – Module 5): Boosting Your Site with Apps (boost your site’s performance!)

Week 6: Implementation Week with Live Hot Seats + More Bonuses


But wait, there's more...
Don't think I haven't included PRICELESS bonuses!

Exceptionally Valuable Bonus#1


Courageous Web Copy with Copywriter, Bevin Clempson

Sales Secrets for Success with Digital Creator, Krissy Chin

Content Planning with Social Media expert, Paige Paul

Photography Tips with expert Brand Photographer, Kayla Duffey

(Valued at $388)
Mobile Design

Bonus #2


Gain access to all the templates I've created and use for my design business including PSD templates for graphics, excel templates for project tracking, design templates for common pages that boost your site's exposure, a list of my favorite resources, and much more.

(Valued Over $108)



Let’s keep going with exclusive access to my members-only community. Here you will connect, encourage, and share wisdom with like-minded women entrepreneurs.


Hey, go getter, move fast...
Enroll NOW to get a $1793 Value for Just One Low Payment of $397 or Make Two Low Payments of $239 Each.


(SAVE 17%)



Get access to all 5 modules + all the BONUSES!




Make 2 payments and get all 5 modules + the BONUSES!

The Two-Payment option goes away at 11:55 pm on February 1.

Warning: a massive amount of confidence and excitement is coming your way!


Ready to get yourself online?


"I had a specific vision in mind when it came to rebranding my salon companies. Tiffanie understood that I wanted more than just a website, but that I wanted all of my projects to speak the same language to my customers. She built the site from scratch and fulfilled all of my must-haves - plus way more than I even knew I wanted. She is efficient, very reliable, and extremely talented. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


Registration is closed for now, but not forever!

        This is the course for you if you've toyed around with designing your own website but need an expert to finish.

        This is the course you need if 1:1 Web Design Service is over your budget.
        This is the course you want if you're ready to learn a new skill that will generate an income for your family.

It only gets better with each release, so do yourself a favor and jump on the list now!


I can't wait to see you inside my course!


© 2020 Tiffanie Teel

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