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Marketing and Online Strategies Newnan
Did you know that I offer small business marketing solutions? I have years of experience; some internal marketing for a corporate airline, some real estate marketing and even business to business sales & marketing. Eventually, a need became obvious. Small businesses need big business solutions with an affordable price tag.

Are you a small business whose phone is ringing off the hook with marketing service providers telling you that your website isn't getting enough hits? Or maybe you don't have a website because you can't afford the price tag large companies put on their services.

As a small business owner, I understand needing to accomplish a big task on a budget. I am here to offer you solutions that set you up for success. Solutions you will own. Solutions you can manage moving forward.

From choosing a solution provider to web design, social media management and graphics, I can help you find the right solution for your budget. Let's support small business by doing business together. Reach out, and let's talk about the solutions you need!

SEO Strategy Tips for the DIY-er


Real Estate Newnan GA

It's not just real estate... It's Teel Estate!

That's right. I'm a licensed real estate agent in the state of Georgia, since 2005. You might be wondering how I fit it all in. Wife, Home Maker, Mommy, Oily FREE.K Educator and MOPS Coordinator. Well, some days, I don't know either and something had to give.

Today, I take pride in placing you, the client, with the perfect real estate agent for your needs! Fitting needs, personality with results is not always an easy task, so let me take the pressure off you by doing the legwork.

A Specialty in Real Estate Referral requires a current license, therefore, my education is always current while my network continues to grow.

Click here to email me today, and let's talk about your real estate needs. By calling me first, you'll support me in supporting my family! It will be a win-win solution for your real estate needs because I'll advocate for you throughout your real estate transaction.

It's not just real estate... It's Teel Estate!

Please note that I am not a professional photographer, only a hobbyist. I accept photography requests from family and friends who have seen and like my photography style, knowing what to expect. And I will not shoot indoors, so don't ask. I can refer you to a professional photographer in your area, however. For a suggestions, click here.

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