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Tech Talk with Tiffanie Teel

I’m a tech geek | oily free.k obsessed with perfecting the art of web and graphic design - always with a roller or diffuser by my side. And in my spare minutes around managing my everyday hustle of wife|mom life, I’m designing websites for local artists, lifestyle brands and other small businesses increasing their online exposure with SEO Copy. This year, I am really stoked to move into course creation that will help you become an expert too!

I’m Tiffanie Teel.

Plantation living with my hubs, son, parents, and a few siblings and their crews, you’ll find us with a few extra fur babies than your typical home. Yes! Dogs and cats, but goats to boot, chicken farmin’ and cooking feasts, ATV playin’ and wood choppin’ for heat. Somedays it’s crazy, but never lonely or love lacking!

Do you hear the chatter? My #momtalk #coffee #essentialoils and #techtalk will leave you wanting more.

My Current Projects

Tiffanie Teel | Web Designer Newnan | SEO Copy Writer Nenwnan | Environmental Landscape Management, LLC (ELM) Website

Tiffanie Teel | Web Design Atlanta | Atlanta SEO | Northside Myofascial Release Atlanta Website
My Design | ReDesign Coming in May 2019

When Do I Work?

Monday - Thursday 9 am - 12 pm

Yep! Those are my "official" office hours. I am a homemaker for my husband and son, first. This is the first year that I've worked since the huge blessing of motherhood. I am working again because I want to help provide a Christian Education for my son. My work has always been important to me, and it helps me feel like me. I didn't realize how much I missed having something of my own, until last summer when I took my first project since staying at home full time. And if it weren't for Joe & Kerri Felder at Warehouse Carpets of Luthersville twisting my arm, talking me into redesigning their website - again, I wouldn't be back at this. I'm so glad that I chose to accept that project because I have been falling in love with this work all over again, as well as discovering other opportunities to service people who need my skillset.

What Are My Rates?

Due to the differences in most projects, please expect an itemized custom quote for services requested.

How to Connect?

Be sure to connect and say hi on Instagram and Facebook!

Let's collaborate! Email me at

What's Coming?

Can't wait for my courses to be released? Join myList & download my FREE SEO Strategy for the DIY-er.

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