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All The Feels After Forty

At forty, I’m probably not supposed to wake up to eat cake with my coffee, but would you look at this delish, delish strawberry cake!!! I have to brag on my sister real quick… My family told me how she stepped up to help my husband pull some details together, including decorations and this homemade cake that apparently took her days to complete because of the bake, freeze, and then ice process. Mmm Mmm Mmm, it’s so good, and I think you’d also eat it for breakfast! (Maybe I can get her to provide the recipe? Ya’ll, be sure to check back here for a link.)

So, today, I woke up having ALL. THE. FEELS. Have you had these days? You know, sentimental like?

As I stand in the kitchen, in one that my mother raised me in, freezing leftovers from this fabulous surprise birthday party from my husband, I can’t help but remember all the other birthdays I shared here with my family and some other really good people.

I am so very thankful for the people God has put in my life. You’ve all helped mold me into who I am today. It might sound selfish to say “I am proud of who I’ve become“, but without self-worth & self-appreciation, who would we be? So, I say it loud & proud. Sure, I have flaws, areas that still need a lot of improvement, but I also have acknowledgment & awareness of those things that need special attention. (Can’t say I had such self-awareness at 21 or even 30.)

So, to be at 40, under a very special roof, celebrating with friends both old & old (because let’s face it, the newer friends in this crew have still been around about 17 years… and that’s just not so new) is just a feel-good, feel-good feeling!

If the new people in my life have been around for almost twenty years, how cool is it that I am still close with some people I’ve known for my entire life? And it’s VERY COOL that some of them were here celebrating another milestone with me. Seriously, some of my friends were in this room with me when we celebrated my 15th, 16th, 18th, and maybe even 21st; and to be here at 40, having some of the same faces around, was just an incredible feeling!

Some people who learn that we cohabitate with my folks or that we live in Luthersville, GA ask me “why?” or look at me funny. This last weekend was a prime example of why we do. So we can be close, so we can share life, and so we don’t miss out on each other. Of course, there are days that it’s weird to live in the basement of the house my grandparents & parents built together, where my parents raised six children, but mainly because it’s not my own. Other days, I just wish it was my own, so I might not ever have to leave. Would you look at this beautiful view and tell me that you wouldn’t want to live here or raise your children here?

Reflecting on the life that I’ve been fortunate to live thus far, I’m feeling super blessed to cross into my forties, where my parents were when they crossed into their forties, both of us having the opportunity to raise our children in the middle of this beautiful piece of property, sharing family & milestones… Better yet, my husband shares my love & desire to be here in this environment (…and oh, is it so fun to see him in his element)! For this season, we are right where God would have us to be.

I’d love to hear back from you about what part of forty got you reminiscing and having all the feels! Start sharing below.



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