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Women with Sparklers enjoying community together
The WE/Me Community based in Newnan, GA logo

Are you ready for a community of professional women where you can be your authentic self, be creative, be honest, and share openly without the sense of competition?

the good. the bad. the ugly.

Imagine if you had a community of women entrepreneurs who shared their experiences to elevate your professional journey.
Women Colleagues collaborating over laptops at a desk

What if I told you ...

You could have a powerful, professional network of like-minded women who spotlight the difficult parts of being an entrepreneur while shining light on the benefits of persevering.

It sounds unreal, but that's what WE/Me is ...

Women in Jewelry Workshop helping each other

Women Entrepreneurs are adaptable, creative, innovative, resourceful, strategic, and thought provokers.


WE are a community of people who are sharing real-life experiences to help you kick-start a dream, scale your business, or elevate your career.

We hear it all the time...

“I don’t know what to do with my free time.”

“I want to start my own business, but I don’t know where to start.”

“I started my own business, but I’m not making any money.”

“I have my own business, but I’m ready to scale it.”

“I need a network to help grow my marketing strategy.”

Happy friends sitting on the floor after unpacking while enjoying a drink

We're guessing you might feel this way too.


You see other women connecting, meeting for coffee, praying about life, business, and family, and talking about how they love their life.

thing. You. Want. For. Your. Life.

nd, walking in God’s calling to design a life you love doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not a destination …

It’s a journey!

What will you get when you join our community?

Inside our online space, we offer:

      Shared experiences and new connections.

      Direct (1:1) contact to learn and grow based on your interest and needs.

      Opportunity to request and recommend resources.

Casual Meeting between business partners
Workshop with women entrepreneurs

Our coaching programs include:

      1:1 Coaching Referrals


      Small Group Opportunities



      A Live Annual Retreat

WE are ... 

      A group of women aligned with each other.

      A group of women ready to mingle.


      A group of women who are inclusive, active, and invested.

Women mingling and laughing over coffee and drinks

A peek at our members:

The WE/Me Community logo


The Dreamer: You have an idea or space you’re dreaming about but need to build it out.


The Early Entrepreneur: You are building your business but still learning about everything it takes to be an entrepreneur.


The Seasoned Entrepreneur: You are confident in your business but ready to scale.


The Career-Pro: You are ready to advance your professional goals or use your career skills to build a business.

Amee Davison, REALTOR, in Newnan, Georgia
Devoted. Enthusiastic. Approachable.
My career in Real Estate has afforded me the opportunity to not only help but encourage families through a major life transition. 
Malia Williams, Entrepreneur, Newnan, GA
Inspired. Determined. Advocate.
I've spent years serving in the air. I started Goodbloom to serve on the ground. Contributing to a female-led community is fundamental to my purpose.
Cassie Jackson, Dance Studio Owner, in Newnan, Georgia
Committed. Caring. Creative.
I imagined a space for youth to learn, grow, and build relationships which led me to launch Steppin' Out Performing Arts.
Sara Bordeaux, HR Consultant, Newnan, GA
Purposeful. Practical. Restorative.
After years of industry leadership, my love for designing people programs aligned with business strategies to make a real impact has emerged into PurposedHR.
Chey Holbrook, Luxury Photographer, in Newnan, GA
Expert. Genuine. Helpful.
Successfully building a luxury brand is all about mindset & a non-negotiable is surrounding yourself with the right people. I am your Certified Professional Photographer.
Sarah Steele Roar, Business Strategist, in Senoia, GA
Intentional. Collaborative. Innovative.
The belief that a challenge is an opportunity for innovation and learning inspired me to build the Steele Roar vision.


Oh, hi! Maybe we haven't met! I'm Tiffanie, a Dreamer, Seasoned Entrepreneur, and Founder of The WE/Me Community!


After ten years in corporate, I was motivated to use my passions, strengths, and skills to create my own income. Being an entrepreneur has been exciting but also rather isolating.


I believe we need a community of people who will pick us up when we fall to remind us that we can redefine failure. As Winston Churchill reminded us, "Success is all about going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm".


I know I’m not the only one who’s ready to connect and serve with like-minded women who want to further their dreams and professional careers.


Friend, if you’re ready to design a life you love, full of passion, and focused on your God-calling come take your journey with us inside The WE/Me Community. It’s competition-free and safe to be authentic about your aspirations, dreams, and needs.

For more about my story, click here.


"I am mompreneur with a school-aged-kid who's been searching for other moms in the same season. I want to grow a sustainable business but remaining the primary influence of my kid's life is a priority. The WE/Me Community offered Next in Motherhood, a small group for mompreneurs with school-aged-kids. The content has been on point, and the relationships I've made are invaluable. My business has grown because of the clarity I've gotten from joining this small group."

"I am an entrepreneur who's been searching for a space to learn from other women who have gone before me in business and life. I am excited about a safe space that promotes community over competition where I can collaborate with and learn from other professional women who are growing a sustainable business while prioritizing their family."

Built for Women Entrepreneurs
by Women Entrepreneurs

Our community was founded on a dream of a space to learn from each other and grow together. A place where competition isn’t an option but rather faith, love, service, and encouragement dwell.


By joining The WE/Me Community, you will have the opportunity to serve others, transform lives, and simultaneously scale your own business through a continual process of learning, stretching, and trusting. It’s like being the cheerleader and having your own personal cheer squad who encourages you every step of the way.


Not ready to sign up?

Dip your toes in first! Follow us Instagram to get a feel for what’s happening inside our community.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find out what other women are asking about our community.



  • Since the 2020 pandemic everyone has taken their business online; is there still room for me?
    Yes. Know your niche, target your audience, and find your voice. There's plenty of room online for all of us. If you are seeking clarity in your purpose and God-calling, The Divine Purpose Academy© is for you.
  • Can I live my highest purpose as an entrepreneur?
    If you haven't clearly defined your purpose, the deep why that drives you, I assure you it has been a guide that brought you this far. But I do encourage you to set aside the time for Divine Discovery.
  • How do you start an online business?
    I'm glad you asked. I just posted 10 Steps to Starting an Online Business. Find it here, and stay tuned for follow-up articles on each step. In the meantime, have you asked yourself the starter question, "How do I want my life to look years down the road?"
  • What is your favorite social platform for traffic?
  • I want to network with  other like-minded mom bosses. Where is the best place to find local or online networking events?
    I am building an online community for dreamers, early entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs, and career pros and would love for you to join us. Click here to join The WE/Me Community for Women Entrepreneurs and look for events near you by visiting my events page.
  • Can we talk about mental health? Like, how do you get rid of brain-fog?
    First, mental health is so important. Never be afraid to reach out for support! Here are some tips for managing mental health and maintaining a clear mind. Get outside, manage your expectations, always stay connected, and stay healthy. A few healthy tips: drink plenty of water, don't miss taking my favorite probiotic, diffuse or apply brain power, clarity, sacred frankincense, or peppermint essential oils and get plenty of sleep.
  • What is your favorite book that helped you get started?
    The Free Mama by Lauren Golden. Lauren was my ghostwriter. Not actually, but the content of this book felt so familiar to what I want to share with the moms everywhere. Design a Life You Love, mama!
  • How much does it cost to work with you?
    My services vary in pricing due to their significant differences and time commitment. Your business is unique, so on your free discovery call, we will discuss which services you need, and identify the cost associated. Stay tuned for online courses coming your way soon.
  • How do I pay you? Do you offer payment plans?
    My web design services require a 50% deposit to hold your booking on my calendar. Because I guide you through a pre-design workflow before your project start date, this deposit is non-refundable. Then the final 50% is due before the project is complete. I accept bank payment or credit card payments. Some services require a 100% payment to get started.
  • What if I'm not ready by the time my project start date comes around?
    I will do everything I can to help you prepare for your project start date. It's best to tell me ASAP if something comes up so I can accommodate for timeline changes. If you have to rebook for a later date, your deposit will be applied to the new date, but you will be charged a rebooking fee.
  • Why do you use Wix?
    Because it's the all-in-one choice! I use Wix for myself and love it for my clients because it is a no-hassle platform with affordable pricing tiers. It's easy to use, so you will be able to make updates and blog with no problem. Your hosting, updates, and much more are all in one place and handled by Wix -no buggy plug-ins needing monthly maintenance. Plus, the design editor was made for newbies to creatives, like myself!
  • How much does Wix cost? How much does my domain cost?
    Wix has a handful of Professional, Business, and eCommerce pricing tiers and monthly versus annual billing options. When building a site with me, you will be eligible for a significant discount on your first annual subscription*. You can see the pricing details here. Your domain cost will vary depending on its popularity and where it is purchased. With my package, you get 1 free year of your domain with hosting through Wix. *Eligible for new Wix accounts through my Wix Partner link. Account setup is included in all of my packages, so you don't need to lift a finger.
  • What is copy? Why do I need it?
    Without an authentic, engaging brand story, your beautifully designed website falls flat. Web copy is more than words. It’s your personality aligning with your vision, mission, and purpose to connect with your audience. Darlin’, if you think you don’t need copy for your website, you may as well grab your logo from Fiverr and call it a day! But, if you’d love to learn more about the power of web copy and it’s proven value, connect with my preferred copywriter by clicking here. Tell her I sent you!
  • What is branding on a website?
    Branding is the marketing practice of actively shaping your brand. That's the basic definition from the www, but it is so much more involved. Branding is what makes your business STAND OUT and catch your ideal customer's attention.
  • Is a website part of branding?
    Branding is not just the design of your logo, business cards, or website. It is your what, how, and why. Your audience view and perceive your company based on your brand and how it makes them feel.
  • How does branding help a website?
    A branded website seets you apart from the competition, builds authority and credibility. By branding your website, you're allowing consumeres to see what your brand is all about and why your brand is unique.
WE/Me Community at Together Conference Fall 2022
I invite you to join me in this special community, and can't wait to see you inside!
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