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Tiffanie Teel on a couch with phone, computer, and holding a Girl Boss mug.

Empowering your journey through strategic clarity coaching and masterful brand & web design.


your web designer and teacher

I'm Tiffanie!

COACH, BRAND + WEB DESIGNER, creator of WIX TUTORIALS and courses, DREAMER, go-getter, SEASONED-ENTREPRNEUR, and the CREATIVE EXPERT you’ve been searching for.

Tiffanie Teel, owner, brand and web designer, and the founder of The WE over Me Community


Back when HTML was cool, I learned to code and designed and maintained intranet sites in my corporate position. I fell in love with the process and voluntarily designed my first website (for my husband’s landscaping business).

Since then, I’ve navigated my way around various types of software and platforms freelancing my way through friends, family, and word of mouth—further fueling my passion for all things tech. When we discovered I was pregnant, I knew it was time to focus on my zone of genius and continue making money doing what excites me.

I’m also the Founder + Creative Director of Design Like a Wix Expert, web design training CREATED FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS who want to TAKE ACTION themselves when it comes to GROWING their business online.

I specialize in helping MOM BOSSES (like creatives, small business owners, and influencers) MOVE beyond social media and INCREASE THEIR VISIBILITY, IMPACT, and INCOME online with innovative, functional websites.

After a decade of experience in corporate America and 15 + years as an entrepreneur, I was DETERMINED to find that elusive work-life balance after my son arrived in this crazy world.

Tiffanie Teel with husband, Matthew, and son, Rhett

Being a full-time mom provided plenty of time to think about my next business move. I only had two requirements: work comes second to momming, and I can’t be tied to a location (ya know, in case I talk my husband into moving to the Rocky Mountains - wink wink). So, when a past client called requesting a WEBSITE REDESIGN, I took the opportunity to get back to work as a freelance web designer.

MOTHERHOOD IS SPECIAL, but I really cherish the inspiration to design my ideal life. And now I’m helping others do the same. But it’s more than a pretty website. What I really hope is that I’m INSPIRING ACTION, growth, success, and the OPPORTUNITY to live your best life every single day.

                , it’s time to stop sitting on the sideline and get yourself online!

Whatever path you choose, I’m excited to help you design a beautiful business and a beautiful life.


A Macbook with web design on the screen

innovative brand & web design


Working From Home

my community of entrepreneurs


Sydney Helms, Founder and Owner of The Sydney Brand

Sydney Helms

Salon Owner

"I had a specific vision in mind when it came to rebranding my salon companies. In my search, a close friend recommended Tiffanie. She was, indeed, the perfect person for the job. Very reliable and extremely talented in her field. She is now on staff, working with my team monthly to help with all my IT needs. Everyone needs a Tiffanie on their team!!!! Highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

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Macbook with pictures of Tiffanie Teel and her family

Some random facts about me.

Do we share any likes?

Favorite Author? Priscilla Shirer

Favorite City? Zurich, Switzerland

Travel Wants? Greece

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Big Party or Small Gathering? Both

Money or Free-Time? Free-Time

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Daughter, Sister, Friend? All of the above

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