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I'm a dreamer, a visualizer, a go-get-it kinda girl who no longer lives an expected life! Determined to remain the influencer for my boy's life, I created a freelance income by designing online spaces for mom bosses who have a more valuable way to spend their time. I'm a tech geek, oily free.k convinced moms can be the CEO of their home and dreams.

I wasn't always the CEO of my home, leading a MOPS group, teaching alternative health options or calling myself a Momtrepreneur!

It still seems like yesterday that I was at a corporate, 9-5 job. I quit that 15 years ago!


In fact, our household has been solely funded by entrepreneur incomes since 2005. Chunks of these years look different including different ventures or roles, but together, my husband and I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and provided ourselves the income to make that happen. So, how’d we do it?


We made a choice. Freedom was more important than money, but we knew it was possible to make money. So, we bought a printing press! Ha - Just kidding. But without bachelor's degrees or MBAs, we’ve always figured out how to provide for our needs!


Did life change when I became a mother? You bet. We knew right away that it was important for us to have even more time freedom. We made new choices that changed the way we operated. We made sacrifices. We gave up date nights and cut travel and other luxuries for more time together. And for 3+ years, we shared memories and time over experiences and material things.

Corporate Employee

Delta Technology

10 years


One Boy

5 years


Small Business + Freelance

15 years


Joining MOPS was one of the best things I ever did for me and my boy! During these stay at home mom (SAHM) years, I became lonely and a little lost. Finding a local chapter of MOPS was the perfect solution as it served more purposes than I expected. It socialized both me and my son, created a spark for Jesus all over again and nurtured my leadership skills all while I wasn’t even paying attention. Eventually this captured my heart in such an unexpected way that I found myself coordinating our local chapter with one of my dearest friends who I met through MOPS. So now, I see how God uses even mom groups to raise us up in the way we should go and pair us with friends we need and love! Don't be surprised if you catch me handing out invites.

When did I start working again? Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur and you can see the serial effects by paying attention. But I began nurturing my network marketing business just after my son turned one. At my request to prioritize motherhood first, God answered by pacing my growth at a level that allowed me to fulfill my craving for business but savor the years with my little. Then, after my husband managed to relocate his business and rebuild, and our son started preschool at four, I had the availability to say yes to freelance. I’d work at the local coffee shop, since he was only in school for a three hour stretch. The relationships I made in this environment kept business flowing in at a real unbelievable   pace.

I’m not the only mom concerned about inadequacy! During the first year, I gave so much of my time away because I wasn’t confident that my skills were polished, whether I could complete a project in a fair timeframe while juggling motherhood. And when I talked to other moms with side-hustles, I’d hear the same worries about being inadequate, the same fears and the same need for encouragement.

When the doubts creep in and you question your qualifications and compare everything about yourself to others, STOP! Listen to me! Confidence grows through faith, courage, wisdom, experience, achievement, happiness, belonging, passion and doing. So, don’t sit still, paralyzed. Get up! Find your inner boss and create the life you want!

life's not about finding yourself,

it's about creating yourself!

Life’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself! When you can’t find what you need, create it! Mama, you may have all the things you need, but if your heart is aching for more, can I just tell you? It’s possible to have it. If you crave community, create it. If you want more or better friends, find them. If you want to produce an income doing the things you love, do it!




Honey, don’t let FOMO get a hold of you, unless you can work it to your advantage!

See, I fear missing out on time with my boy which means I refuse to give up my mom-schedule. The one-on-one rides to and from school that include the best chatter and opportunity to influence my boy’s heart and mind are mine to lose. So, you better believe I’m taking advantage of that FOMO!

Let’s decide to play BIG! As Marianne Williamson said, “Playing small doesn’t serve the world. We are all meant to shine!”


You are enough. You are talented. You are qualified. You have skills. You C A N create the life you want!

Tell me what one change you're going to make today to help you say yes to your dreams!

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