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Design a Life You Love

build a thriving brand rooted in faith & purpose

Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs to Build Profitable, Purpose-Driven Brands That Honor God and Serve Others.

Brand Design +
Website Design
in Newnan, Georgia


Greetings, Visionary!

Sister, I see you. You're filled with God-given dreams, but you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or maybe even a little lost. You know you're called to something bigger, but...

Unraveling your divine purpose feels like an impossible puzzle.

Constructing a legacy brand seems like an unattainable goal.

Attracting those dream clients feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Designing a money-making website seems like a technical nightmare.

Infusing significance into your marketing feels like shouting into the void.

I take pride in the PROFOUND IMPACT my business imparts across various entrepreneurial phases. Drawing on a DECADE in Corporate America and nearly 20 YEARS as an entrepreneur, my journey spans the cityscape of EXPERIENCE. Navigating the nuances of attracting, connecting, and booking clients, I offer INSIGHTS that have weathered the test of time.

Divine Discovery


Ready to find out how to discover your divine purpose and design a life you love? Join the waitlist for my next FREE 3-Day Workshop.

Online Meeting

Embrace the journey of CREATING or ELEVATING your brand and website with CAPTIVATING, custom designs crafted exclusively for women entrepreneurs. I don't just offer design; I provide a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE. Delve into the realm of brand design and custom websites that seamlessly merge CREATIVITY and FUNCTIONALITY. Situated in vibrant Newnan, Georgia, I'm here to BRING YOUR BRAND TO LIFE with a distinctive, PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.


Custom Innovative

brand + web design

Ready to Create a God-Inspired Brand That Aligns with Your Values and Converts?

as seen on...



Ellie Baker, Interior Designer Logo
Mae Grace Photographer Wix Website Designed by Tiffanie Teel, Expert Wix Designer
Kayla Duffey Photography logo
Kristina Seeley, Living by Design logo
The Sydney Brand, A Collective Salon
Christy Jade, Coach, logo
Warehouse Carpets Luthersville Website Designed by Tiffanie Teel on GoDaddy
Designs as seen on ....jpg
Impact Chiropractic, Dr. Travis Grace, logo
Black Bear Axe Throwing Newnan Georgia logo
Literacy Success, LLC, Practical Literacy Coaching with Kristina Seeley, logo
Build A Blissful Business with Krissy Chin logo
Movement Chiropractic, Dr. Bryan Hammer, logo

Ready to embark on this entrepreneurial journey with me?

Dive into our wealth of RESOURCES and explore our ENTREPRENEURIAL TOOLKIT, featuring The Fueling Passion and Driving Impact PODCAST for inspiring insights, My Portfolio showcasing our DESIGN EXCELLENCE, and The WE/Me Community—an EMPOWERING SPACE where passionate women entrepreneurs SHARE their experiences.


Unlock the FULL POTENTIAL of your journey.

Portfolio Curation of Kayla Duffey Photography client and testimonial

client results

"When I discovered how brilliant and knowledgable Tiffanie is, I booked her services."

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