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I help moms avoid a 9-5 by designing professionally branded Wix websites that make money!

You’re stressed, frustrated, and completely anxious to be your own boss! You've dreamed about it. You’re done talking. You’re ready to work hard. But now reality is setting in. Are you…

  • Distrusting your ability and unsure where to start?

  • Having zero clarity on how to reach your ideal client?

  • Uneasy about revenue growth?

  • Feeling a lack of excitement about your DIY marketing?

  • Tired of wearing all the hats?

If you had plenty of time and money, along with all the right skills you would not stress or get frustrated, and maybe you wouldn’t let yourself get distracted.

I'm a Wix Expert Web Design.

I am a Professional Website Wix Expert.

Tiffanie Teel | Web Designer | Wix Expert | Momtrepreneur

And mama, I totally understand because I've been in your shoes!


But now that I’m on the other end, I know all you actually need is the right mindset, game plan, tools, and someone on your side to guide you through the trenches.

Where can I buy essential oils? Tiffanie is a Young Living Distributor in Newnan, GA.

Tiffanie is your Newnan Georgia Real Estate Professional.

Get Tiffanie Teel as your Mom Boss Coach to accelerate your business results.

After a 10-year career in corporate America and 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I can help you...

·    Understand your purpose.

·    Build your personal brand that will attract your ideal client.

·    Design a professionally-branded Wix website that will make you money.


Ultimately, I want you to attract, connect, and book clients through your personally branded website.

Let me      help, honey!


No matter the stage of your business, you'll find something just for you.

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It has helpful tips.

Professional Website Wix Expert | Tiffanie Teel


Designing Your Website for Traffic

Wix Expert Web Design | Call Tiffanie Teel


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what others are saying

"I wanted a website for a long time and could never get through the anxiety of creating a successful, easy to navigate site! A mutual friend introduced me Tiffanie at Leaf & Bean one morning, and we instantly connected over motherhood and small business chit-chat. When I discovered how knowledgeable and brilliant Tiffanie is when it comes to building beautiful websites that attract and convert clients, I booked her services. She was so easy to communicate with and created the most perfect website for my business! I cannot recommend her enough, if you are looking to take your website from concept to cash!"

—  Kayla Duffey, Photographer

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Tiffanie Teel | Expert Wix Designer | Web Design Newnan

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