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Legacy Branding

to tell your story and make an impact

Branding will help you spread your message, build your authority, and grow your business.

Brand Design

what is it?

key brand elements such as the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design components that makes a brand stand out from competitors, and recognizable to consumers

Image by Samantha Gades

do you...

Have what it takes, but you're tired of wasting time?

Want to look like the pro you are but you just don't know how?

Know you need an overhaul, and want it done, like yesterday?

The right design will completely transform how your potential clients see your business, and the result will bring in clients you never knew you could reach.

This is your moment. Don't pass it up.​

we can get your brand ready for the world today

Here's How


Brand Design


A brand kit includes assets associated with your company such as logos, color codes, fonts, and so much more.

Brand Experience


This all-in-one package is a custom experience to take you from dreamer to achiever, as I walk you through finding your God-Calling, how to create a business doing what you love, branding, and getting online to leave a legacy.

Hand from Grpahic Designer Draws Design.jpg

as seen on...

brand designs

Movement Chiropractic Wix Website Designed by Tiffanie Teel, Expert Wix Designer
Literacy Success, LLC with Kristina Seeley
EllieBaker, Interior Designer
The Sydney Brand
Kayla Duffey Photography, Newnan Photographer
Mae Grace Photographer Wix Website Designed by Tiffanie Teel, Expert Wix Designer
Kristina Seeley, Living by Design Coach
Christy Jade, Life Coach
Warehouse Carpets Luthersville Website Designed by Tiffanie Teel on GoDaddy
Build A Blissful Business with Krissy Chin

hiring a professional graphic designer

additional benefits of

You don't have time. Saved time means saved money.

Your vision is not clear. Leverage my expertise. 

You're too close. My outside perspective is impartial.

You only know Canva. It's a great tool, but you need
professional-level files for your brand suite.



"I had a specific vision in mind when it came to rebranding my salon companies. Tiffanie understood that I wanted more than just a website, but that I wanted all of my projects to speak the same language to my customers. She built the site from scratch and fulfilled all of my must-haves - plus way more than I even knew I wanted. She is efficient, very reliable, and extremely talented. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

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