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Discover your purpose and design a life and business you love!

12-Month Group Coaching Program
for Entrepreneurs.

feeling a shift in your current gig?

Ready to discover your divine purpose and create an income online?

Tired of your work?

Imagine if you …

  • Were clear on your purpose.

  • Turned your passion into profit.

  • Built a faith-based business.

  • Mapped your dreams and goals.

  • Developed your unique brand.

  • Launched an online presence.

  • Had a supportive community.

  • Gained personalized coaching guidance from Tiffanie herself.


The Divine Purpose Academy



Group Coaching Program

Are you ready to build a successful business? You need ...


  • Clarity

  • Fine-Tuned Offer

  • Launch Plan

  • Clients

  • Confidence


You will learn how to build a sustainable income that simultaneously builds His Kingdom.

Shop Owner on Phone

Are you ready?

Discover your purpose to create and launch a business with passion.

Distance Learning

With The Divine Purpose Academy  , you will:


Align your purpose with your God-calling.

Turn your passion into profit.

Create a sustainable business model.

Infuse faith into your business.

Map your dreams and goals.

Develop your personal brand.

Launch an online business.

Sell without ads or awkward messages.

Get live coaching, feedback, and strategy.

Are you ready to follow an established step-by-step system to build a profitable business?

This program has everything you need to design a life you love!
All we are missing is you.





Navigate your God-Given Purpose

Know God

Find Freedom

Discover Your Purpose

Make a Difference

Turn Your Passion into Profit


Infuse Faith into your entrepreneurial journey

Practice dream mapping and goal setting

Master the art of brand development

Build a website to launch your online business

Captivate leads through legacy content creation

You will have access to the course + materials for 12 months and live group coaching with Tiffanie!


Don’t worry about the technical aspects. You'll receive detailed tutorials with practical examples for every step. Plus, you'll have ongoing support from Tiffanie and fellow students.

This Program Will Take You Through 6 Steps of Growth and Monetization Strategy


Divine Discovery
Navigating Your God-Given Purpose

Embark on a journey to find your purpose with "Divine Discovery." This is your step-by-step guide to unlocking the purpose God has uniquely designed for you. Grow closer to God, find freedom, uncover your purpose, and make a lasting impact. It's time to align your life and business with divine clarity.

[$2,997 Value]

Move as quickly or slowly as you need to. Take up to 12 months to complete the program.


Passion to Profit
Igniting Your Business with Heart and Purpose

Unleash your potential and master crafting a sustainable, scalable business model. From passive income strategies to tech leverage, define your ideal client, structure your model, and get clear pricing strategies.

[$5,397 Value]


Divine Fusion
Infusing Faith Into Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Discover how to integrate faith into your business with "Divine Fusion." Explore faith-based decision-making, prayer practices, and servant leadership to align your entrepreneurial journey with divine guidance and purpose.

[$2,897 Value]


Charting Your Course
Navigating Goal Setting and Dream Mapping

Navigate your entrepreneurial journey with "Charting Your Course." Dive into dream planning, goal setting, and refocusing your time to align with your purpose. Craft kingdom-focused goals and overcome fears, all while staying true to your heart's desires.

[$3,497 Value]


Crafting Your Unique Brand
Mastering the Art of Brand Development

Master brand development by exploring legacy and personal branding, understand when to build each, and delve into essential elements like brand message, vision, and mission. Learn to use power words and brand personality, and create brand aesthetics and assets.

[$5,497 Value]

iMac Mockup.png


Digital Presence Mastery

Launching Online and Captivating Leads

Get equipped to excel online and attract leads effectively. Learn to establish your online presence through web design, master lead generation marketing, and create legacy content across various platforms like podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, and social media. Elevate your online visibility and captivate your audience for lasting impact.

[$10,997 Value]

Ephesians 4:1-3

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Experience The Divine Purpose Academy  Advantage


Silver Level Access Includes:

Dynamic Weekly Training Covering the Complete 6-Module Curriculum: Guided learning and step-by-step guidance

Weekly Strategic Advisory: Group Power Coaching

Bi-Weekly Office Hours: Tech Assistance and personalized Q&A

Small Group Pods: Foster Connections and Support Each Other’s Journey

Close Up Woman Hands Hold Worksheet.jpg




Private Facebook Community

Gold Level Access Includes Everything in Silver, Plus:

Monthly Hot Seat Coaching: Dive Deep with Live 1:1 Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching: Six 30-Min Sessions

Voxer Access to Tiffanie Teel


[$3,397 Value]

Guest Expert Trainings

Design Training

Lead-Generation Training

And more ...

Female Employees have webcam zoom call online .jpg
Portfolio Curation of Kayla Duffey Photography client and testimonial

client results

"When I discovered how brilliant and knowledgable Tiffanie is, I booked her services."

Who this IS for:

Individuals eager to transform their passion into a purpose-driven, profitable venture.

Christian women entrepreneurs seeking to align their business with their divine calling.

Entrepreneurs committed to integrating faith into their entrepreneurial journey.

Those ready to craft a unique brand identity and establish a compelling online presence.

Individuals seeking guidance and support to launch and grow their businesses with integrity.

Who this is NOT for:

Individuals resistant to incorporating faith into their business practices.

Individuals who prioritize immediate financial gain over aligning their faith and business.

Entrepreneurs solely focused on monetary gain without considering their divine purpose.

Those seeking quick-fix solutions or unwilling to invest time and effort into building a biz.

Entrepreneurs already established with a strong brand identity and online presence.




Payment Plan Available




Payment Plan Available

Hi, Friend! I’m Tiffanie Teel.

I want you to have organic, long-term, impactful success. I want your business to change your life and transform others too. I want you to love your life. If I can do this – you can do this!


In the journey of building my brand and business, I've witnessed remarkable growth and transformation. Without relying on paid promotions or complex funnels, I entrusted my path to God, prioritizing service over sales.


Through consistent dedication and faith-driven strategies, I turned challenges into opportunities, reaching milestones I once thought impossible.


Now, I'm here to share these invaluable lessons with you, guiding you towards your own remarkable journey of success.


Let's embark on this transformative journey together, empowering you to fulfill your divine calling and achieve lasting impact.


You were made for this!

  • Since the 2020 pandemic everyone has taken their business online; is there still room for me?
    Yes. Know your niche, target your audience, and find your voice. There's plenty of room online for all of us. If you are seeking clarity in your purpose and God-calling, The Divine Purpose Academy© is for you.
  • Can I live my highest purpose as an entrepreneur?
    If you haven't clearly defined your purpose, the deep why that drives you, I assure you it has been a guide that brought you this far. But I do encourage you to set aside the time for Divine Discovery.
  • How do you start an online business?
    I'm glad you asked. I just posted 10 Steps to Starting an Online Business. Find it here, and stay tuned for follow-up articles on each step. In the meantime, have you asked yourself the starter question, "How do I want my life to look years down the road?"
  • What is your favorite social platform for traffic?
  • I want to network with  other like-minded mom bosses. Where is the best place to find local or online networking events?
    I am building an online community for dreamers, early entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs, and career pros and would love for you to join us. Click here to join The WE/Me Community for Women Entrepreneurs and look for events near you by visiting my events page.
  • Can we talk about mental health? Like, how do you get rid of brain-fog?
    First, mental health is so important. Never be afraid to reach out for support! Here are some tips for managing mental health and maintaining a clear mind. Get outside, manage your expectations, always stay connected, and stay healthy. A few healthy tips: drink plenty of water, don't miss taking my favorite probiotic, diffuse or apply brain power, clarity, sacred frankincense, or peppermint essential oils and get plenty of sleep.
  • What is your favorite book that helped you get started?
    The Free Mama by Lauren Golden. Lauren was my ghostwriter. Not actually, but the content of this book felt so familiar to what I want to share with the moms everywhere. Design a Life You Love, mama!
  • How much does it cost to work with you?
    My services vary in pricing due to their significant differences and time commitment. Your business is unique, so on your free discovery call, we will discuss which services you need, and identify the cost associated. Stay tuned for online courses coming your way soon.
  • How do I pay you? Do you offer payment plans?
    My web design services require a 50% deposit to hold your booking on my calendar. Because I guide you through a pre-design workflow before your project start date, this deposit is non-refundable. Then the final 50% is due before the project is complete. I accept bank payment or credit card payments. Some services require a 100% payment to get started.
  • What if I'm not ready by the time my project start date comes around?
    I will do everything I can to help you prepare for your project start date. It's best to tell me ASAP if something comes up so I can accommodate for timeline changes. If you have to rebook for a later date, your deposit will be applied to the new date, but you will be charged a rebooking fee.
  • Why do you use Wix?
    Because it's the all-in-one choice! I use Wix for myself and love it for my clients because it is a no-hassle platform with affordable pricing tiers. It's easy to use, so you will be able to make updates and blog with no problem. Your hosting, updates, and much more are all in one place and handled by Wix -no buggy plug-ins needing monthly maintenance. Plus, the design editor was made for newbies to creatives, like myself!
  • How much does Wix cost? How much does my domain cost?
    Wix has a handful of Professional, Business, and eCommerce pricing tiers and monthly versus annual billing options. When building a site with me, you will be eligible for a significant discount on your first annual subscription*. You can see the pricing details here. Your domain cost will vary depending on its popularity and where it is purchased. With my package, you get 1 free year of your domain with hosting through Wix. *Eligible for new Wix accounts through my Wix Partner link. Account setup is included in all of my packages, so you don't need to lift a finger.
  • What is copy? Why do I need it?
    Without an authentic, engaging brand story, your beautifully designed website falls flat. Web copy is more than words. It’s your personality aligning with your vision, mission, and purpose to connect with your audience. Darlin’, if you think you don’t need copy for your website, you may as well grab your logo from Fiverr and call it a day! But, if you’d love to learn more about the power of web copy and it’s proven value, connect with my preferred copywriter by clicking here. Tell her I sent you!
  • What is branding on a website?
    Branding is the marketing practice of actively shaping your brand. That's the basic definition from the www, but it is so much more involved. Branding is what makes your business STAND OUT and catch your ideal customer's attention.
  • Is a website part of branding?
    Branding is not just the design of your logo, business cards, or website. It is your what, how, and why. Your audience view and perceive your company based on your brand and how it makes them feel.
  • How does branding help a website?
    A branded website seets you apart from the competition, builds authority and credibility. By branding your website, you're allowing consumeres to see what your brand is all about and why your brand is unique.

Warning: a massive amount of confidence and excitement is coming your way!

Still unsure?

Let's chat. Book a free 15-minute discovery call so we can determine if The Divine Purpose Academy   is the right program for you.


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I can't wait to see you inside my program!


© 2024 Tiffanie Teel & Co.

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