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Empowering Divine Connections in Real Estate

where faith meets homeownership

Welcome! Ever get the vibe that some real estate folks are just chasing that sale, all about the 'benjamins'? Sadly, it's a tale as old as time. But fear not! In the realm of Teel Estate, it's a whole different ball game.

In this vast world of property dealings, I've got the connections that transcend borders. Picture this: a network that's not about sealing deals at any cost but ensuring you're paired with a Realtor who's not just a pro but embodies TRUSTWORTHINESS and RELIABILITY.

Let's ditch the clichés and embrace a real estate journey where your needs are more than just a transaction. Because, in Teel Estate, it's not merely about properties; it's about creating homes and stories. Let's find you a Realtor who not only understands the game but plays it with INTEGRITY and FINESSE. Your real estate journey is about to get a serious upgrade. It's not just real estate... It's Teel Estate.

from my network of realtors

I am a Georgia Licensed Realtor since 2005 with a focus on referral marketing. When you allow me to refer you, expect the buying or selling process to be made easy!
I've been building my network of Realtors since 2005, and I guarantee a connection with a quality agent who will be personable yet professional, caring yet honest, educated, and determined.

My business associates extend beyond Licensed Realtors. I can connect you with professionals including mortgage brokers, bankers, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, title officers, property inspectors, and beyond to assure you have the very best care throughout your real estate transaction.

Let me take the stress out of your hands and refer you to the RIGHT licensed realtor today!

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I'm Georgia born and bred but have a passion for travel. Everywhere I go, I look at real estate which connects me to professionals around the world. I actively practiced real estate with Keller Williams (KW) from 2005-2008, and they still hold my license today!

If you're thinking about a real estate career, give me a call. It would be my honor to tell you about the family that is KW and why I'm still associated, earning profit share, and running a referral business today!

You don’t know my real estate history, but friends use to chant, "Teel Estate, Teel Estate!"

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