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Friend, I appreciate you!

thank you

Thank you! Your connection adds immense value to me. I appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with you again soon. In the meantime, check your email and feel free to explore our resources and upcoming events. Together, we're building a vibrant network for entrepreneurial success.

Nobody's got time for extra clicks, I get it. But to ensure my messages don't get lost, add my email address to your contacts.

If you just joined my email list for the first time, you may receive a confirmation message with a link to click to begin receiving the information you requested.

before you leave, get connected!

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Gmail Users, you might find my messages initially get routed to your Promotions tab. (So Rude!) You can re-route it by dragging my message over to your Primary tab, and you'll have the option to make this change permanent. (Oh yeah, Google!)

Apple Users, tap on the email address at the top of my first message and click "Add to VIPS". This will ensure delivery.

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