Babies and Essential Oils

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I am not recommending that anyone use Essential Oils (EOs) on their infant or child before the recommended age or without consulting a Doctor first.

I am posting about this subject because it has recently been a hot topic in my circle. Specifically, how can we help make our babies more comfortable, build their immune system, etc.? We all want to do this in the most natural way possible. And let’s be honest, a screaming, crying baby will send any mom looking for alternative solutions that have not yet been suggested to them.

So, let me first say that I didn’t know about Essential Oils (EOs) until #MyBoy was 8 months old. By then, I had already found a solution for his gassy, fussy tummy. I don’t think he had colic, and if so… it wasn’t bad. However, he let me know when he was uncomfortable, just like they all do! Anyway, before he was born, I had heard about Gripe Water, how amazing it was and had been gifted a bottle. The first time he seemed uncomfortable, I used it. It was like magic. Though within a few weeks, I realized that I never read the ingredients. Once I read, I was floored. This was not a natural product like I thought. Don’t ask me why I thought this! Therefore, I began searching for a replacement. Everything had citric acid, except one product that someone posted about on a mommy board. What was it? Rhett’s future tummy saver?