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Wildy Successful Lifestyle

Wildly Successful Lifestyle with Heidi Dawson

I first heard Heidi Dawson on an episode of Badass is the New Black with Krissy Chin. I fell in love with her southern accent. I became a quick listener and fan of Heidi's podcast, Wildy Successful Lifestyle. So, when she called requesting an interview, I was thrilled.

You know, sometimes you just feel a kindred spirit in someone right away, and I have to admit that I immediately felt that with Heidi.

In this episode of Heidi's Wildly Successful Lifestyle, we talk about making the jump between a corporate 9-5 and entrepreneurial journey, as well as rocking your online presence.

Today, I'll share a few clips that I think will connect you to my story and inspire action in you.

Heidi: Can you give our listeners a quick rundown of who you are and why you’re so awesome?

In my response, I share with the listeners why I think Heidi and I have a similar background. We got sidetracked in conversation, and I didn't really talk about what it is that I do until later in the episode. If I had the chance to summarize "who I am and why I am so awesome", I would start with something commonly expected, like...

I am married, a mom to one wild and crazy 6-year-old-boy, and I, sort of, live on a farm.

But I would definitely step it up by letting the listeners know...

The most important truth about me is that I’m a child of God! I have to admit that I heard Heidi's episode about playing small, and just like Marianne Williamson says, “I’m a child of God so my playing small doesn’t serve the world.”

Later in the episode, you will hear my similar introduction to what I do...

So, while my business is WEB DESIGN, and I’m the creator of WIX TUTORIALS and courses, my heart is in the business of encouraging women entrepreneurs, INSPIRING ACTION, growth, success, and the opportunity to live your best life every single day.

Heidi: How much of your jump do you think was having the mindset that you can actually do it?

Tiffanie: Oh, 100% of it. One thing about me is I’m not afraid to try; not a lot scares me...

Tune in now and scroll to minute 10:05 to hear the rest of my discussion with Heidi on mindset.

Heidi: Let’s talk about your online business. Your website is beautiful, usually, pop-ups annoy me but yours are subtle and that tells me they are well designed. How did website development become your thing and how are you helping others realize their dreams through it?

Tiffanie: Being a full-time mom provided plenty of time to watch others design their ideal life and think about how to do the same. I only had two requirements: work comes second to momming, and I can’t be tied to a location. So, when a past client called requesting a website redesign, I took the opportunity to get back to work as a freelance web designer.

Heidi, a strong online presence allows you to build a brand and gain the credibility needed to attract more customers. But what I do is more than creating pretty websites…

I want others to create a life they L O V E ! So, I’m locking arms with go-getters who are taking steps toward that life.

Getting a business or brand online with the right copy and design that helps solve a problem will convert clients.

And when you have a website that does the heavy lifting for you, you’re time is freed up to be spent elsewhere.

A lot of us in different phases of life are looking for external things to make us happy when the key is to be happy and then... do that thing. Find happiness where you are and the doors open as they should at that point, rather than jumping from job to job searching for happiness. Have you found that to be true?

I totally agree that a career is not going to determine your happiness. No doubt about it.

So, in the past when I found myself in a job or role that didn’t add joy, I’d go through a little evaluation process and ask myself a few questions:

  1. What about this is not fulfilling?

  2. What would make this more fulfilling (or add joy)?

  3. What can I do to change my circumstances or role, in order to get more fulfillment (or joy)?

a. Do I have more to offer?

b. If I’m working for someone else, does my boss know that I have more to offer?

c. How can I present myself as more valuable by doing the things that would bring me more fulfillment and…

d. How does that benefit the company?

It’s up to us to create the life we want. If we leave it up to someone who doesn’t know what life we want (which is typically anyone else), we’ll never live that life.

Heidi: Tell us about your course and also how to follow you and maybe work with you!

Tiffanie: Okay, so I am very excited to share this with you and your listeners because this is my passion project.

As you know, I work with women entrepreneurs, and a lot of them are inspired mom bosses who are just getting started.

Imagine yourself in that position.

  • You’ve just spent 2-15 years raising kids, but it's finally do follow your dreams and passion.

  • You’re using social media to tell everyone which means spending all your extra time, including wee hours in the morning hustling your DMs to book the next client or get that next sale.

  • You know you need a website to manage all that hustle for you and free up your time, but…

  • If you spend the money with a professional designer, you’re taking away from your family which is exactly why you started this gig in the first place.

Can you feel the dilemma? And with those feelings comes stress.

I’ve been there. Not with designing a website because I can obviously do that for myself, but there are so many other areas of doing business that has caused me to feel the exact same way.

So, a few years ago when online courses became super popular, I made the decision that one day, I would create a course that would be affordable and help mom bosses, small business owners, and entrepreneurs get online and make money.

I am thrilled to tell you guys that my course is here!!!

Wix Tutorial, Design Like a Wix Expert created by expert designer, Tiffanie Teel

  • 6-Week Course.

  • With weekly in-depth LIVE training.

  • Weekly Q+A sessions.

  • Video and tutorial recordings.

  • Downloadable PDFs.

  • Tools + templates.

  • Weekly assignments.

  • Hot Seats.

  • Website audits + feedback.

  • An online, supportive community.

  • And best yet, the chance to launch your website in 30 Days.

In this course, you will:

  • Uncover the mastered mindset of a designer.

  • Master your Wix account.

  • Design like an expert.

  • Get familiar with the design tools within the Wix Editor.

  • Optimize your visibility online.

So, if you’re out there listening and you’ve felt any of these things or just want to learn a new skill, please join me.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to stop hustling all over social media and rock your online presence on your own terms?

Having a clear concept is the key to standing out online!

Registration is open until Friday night at midnight, February 12, and class starts on Monday, February 15th.

If you’re like, “Tiffanie, NO! I do not want to design my own website, but I want you on my team to improve my online presence”, let’s talk. Book a free consultation by clicking here.

I have made connecting with me real simple. I put together a landing page of resources, just for you, Heidi’s listeners. It has links to everything we’ve talked about today, including my social media, and all you need to do is jot down this URL…



I've said it before. Gaining social exposure is not only good for business but it is my way into the lives of those dreaming about how to create their ideal life.

By sharing the skills God gave me, my exposure, audience - whatever you want to call it - grows.

And that my friend is how you impact more lives than you imagined you could ever reach.

Go give my episode (#106) a listen and, if you're so inclined, hit share. Because today, this is just a small example of how dreams can come true.*

You can find the Wildy Successful Lifestyle host, Heidi Dawson at www. and connect with her on Instagram here, @theheididawson.

If you're a woman entrepreneur looking to connect with a community who inspires growth and supports you in your faith, click here to join WE Over Me for Women Entrepreneurs on Facebook or Wix. We'd love to have you join this brand new and already growing community.

WE Over Me :: The Community for Women Entrepreneurs

Love your life!

xoxo, Tiffanie

P.S. Grab your FREE copy of my eBook, so you don't design a website that sucks. Click here for a link.

P.S.S. Dreams would never be possible without a killer support system. A huge thank you goes out to Krissy Chin for inspiring me to stay focused and hustle hard for the life I want. Click here to listen to my episode on Badass is the New Black.


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Hey! I'm Tiffanie.

I help women design a life they love, full of passion, focus on their God-calling, and income.

Join a community of women who want this too! The WE/Me Community fosters connections, collaboration, and support, as we uplift and inspire one another on our faith and entrepreneurial journeys!

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