Wildy Successful Lifestyle

Wildly Successful Lifestyle with Heidi Dawson

I first heard Heidi Dawson on an episode of Badass is the New Black with Krissy Chin. I fell in love with her southern accent. I became a quick listener and fan of Heidi's podcast, Wildy Successful Lifestyle. So, when she called requesting an interview, I was thrilled.

You know, sometimes you just feel a kindred spirit in someone right away, and I have to admit that I immediately felt that with Heidi.

In this episode of Heidi's Wildly Successful Lifestyle, we talk about making the jump between a corporate 9-5 and entrepreneurial journey, as well as rocking your online presence.

Today, I'll share a few clips that I think will connect you to my story and inspire action in you.

Heidi: Can you give our listeners a quick rundown of who you are and why you’re so awesome?

In my response, I share with the listeners why I think Heidi and I have a similar background. We got sidetracked in conversation, and I didn't really talk about what it is that I do until later in the episode. If I had the chance to summarize "who I am and why I am so awesome", I would start with something commonly expected, like...

I am married, a mom to one wild and crazy 6-year-old-boy, and I, sort of, live on a farm.

But I would definitely step it up by letting the listeners know...

The most important truth about me is that I’m a child of God! I have to admit that I heard Heidi's episode about playing small, and just like Marianne Williamson says, “I’m a child of God so my playing small doesn’t serve the world.”

Later in the episode, you will hear my similar introduction to what I do...

So, while my business is WEB DESIGN, and I’m the creator of WIX TUTORIALS and courses, my heart is in the business of encouraging women entrepreneurs, INSPIRING ACTION, growth, success, and the opportunity to live your best life every single day.

Heidi: How much of your jump do you think was having the mindset that you can actually do it?

Tiffanie: Oh, 100% of it. One thing about me is I’m not afraid to try; not a lot scares me...

Tune in now and scroll to minute 10:05 to hear the rest of my discussion with Heidi on mindset.

Heidi: Let’s talk about your online business. Your website is beautiful, usually, pop-ups annoy me but yours are subtle and that tells me they are well designed. How did website development become your thing and how are you helping others realize their dreams through it?

Tiffanie: Being a full-time mom provided plenty of time to watch others design their ideal life and think about how to do the same. I only had two requirements: work comes second to momming, and I can’t be tied to a location. So, when a past client called requesting a website redesign, I took the opportunity to get back to work as a freelance web designer.

Heidi, a strong online presence allows you to build a brand and gain the credibility needed to attract more customers. But what I do is more than creating pretty websites…

I want others to create a life they L O V E ! So, I’m locking arms with go-getters who are taking steps toward that life.

Getting a business or brand online with the right copy and design that helps solve a problem will convert clients.

And when you have a website that does the heavy lifting for you, you’re time is freed up to be spent elsewhere.