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Best Daddy Ever

It took us so many years to get ready for babies, then we wanted one overnight. (Like that happens for anyone!) Four years later, we finally conceived our first child. #MyBoy has been the greatest gift ever, and I can only thank one person for that gift. My dear hubby! (Okay, if God were still in human form, I would thank Him too, just like I do everyday in my prayers!)

Would you look at these faces? God has truly blessed me with two of the most amazing boys I could ever ask to have in my life. My husband takes care of us, working hard (mostly in the hot Georgia heat) so I can stay at home with this boy, he supports me, he is my voice of reason, and he keeps us laughing!

So, today, I wish him the happiest of Father’s Day – his second with boy in arms! I want to thank him for sharing this life with us and making parenthood possible for me. Happiness means so much more!

Happy Father’s Day, TBone! I love you!




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