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Celebrating a Special Second


After throwing a killer first birthday for my son last year, we had such a hard time deciding what to do for his second. Who wants an invite? Who will have hurt feelings if they don’t get an invite? How many years is the party really for the parents vs the kiddo? Well, we decided it was already time to real it in. We kept it to immediate family and our kiddo’s besties, and here’s hoping we didn’t hurt any of our dear friend’s feelings… We love you all!

Since the kid loves water, we did a little slip-n-slide themed party, and the kiddos (young and older) helped him celebrate by getting real wet!!! #PARTOFMEWANTEDINONTHEACTION

We are so blessed to have such an amazing circle of family who drove from near and far to celebrate our boy! I feel he is worth your miles, and I hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed our time with you!!!

It’s funny; Rhett has been going through this shy phase. So, if you’ve seen him act a little clingy towards his mama this summer, I hope you’ve not taken it personally. Stick around for ten or fifteen minutes and he’ll be your best friend. …and by the way, he’s growing into all his toys. He loves them all, and we appreciate you helping provide him with such a variety!

Before I enter another part of the story from his birthday party, I want to stop and mention some of my favorite things about this kid of mine.

  1. He has called me “Mama Mine” for almost a year; it’s just recently turning into “Mama” or “Mommy”.

  2. It’s pretty sweet to hear him say “Dadeeeee”, especially when TBone’s out of town and we FaceTime him.

  3. He calls his puppy, Chevy, “Sheee”.

  4. He is starting to refer to himself in third person, finger pointing at himself and saying “Rhee”.

  5. He loves the outdoors. He wants to be outside ALL DAY LONG.

  6. He wants to hunt with his daddy already. “Dee” “Dadeeeee” “Rhee” “Bye Bye”

  7. Though sometimes a little jealousy creeps in (*wink*wink*), I love how much he loves his Lollee. “LaLaLaLaLaLa”

  8. He can name all his grandparents and almost all his cousins, though the pronunciation is not perfect, it’s sweet to hear him try.

  9. Overall, he’s a pretty good kid, and I could not be more in love with another human being… TBone, except for you!!

All right… since the news has already been shared about us being pregnant and losing the baby, I’m gonna go ahead and share some fun pictures that I was able to capture when we shared our pregnancy news with these party guests. I mean, if you’ve got a house full of your closest, why not surprise them with an exciting announcement! Right?

If I may, I’ll set the stage. I had everyone surrounding the birthday boy for pictures. I made a few signs to make sure I was acting like myself. After we did candles, I said, “Oh wait, let’s get a few more shots with these signs.” I pulled out one that said, “Hootie Who, Rhett’s Two!” Cute… haha… pics taken. Then, “Oh wait, I have one more!” As I passed this sign across the table for everyone to read, I was trying to capture facial expressions because it was the announcement. It said, “Only Child EXPIRING February 2017”. Check out these priceless photos…

This was a lot of fun, but weirdly… I got so nervous. I was shaking and strangely worried about the response. Anyway, this announcement is a piece of our story. Though we’re extremely disappointed that our son’s “only child status” is no longer expiring in February of 2017, I couldn’t help but share this part of the day.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing in our day and for loving us through the ups and downs of life. We are continue to pray for two more feet in our family, and would be more than honored for you to pray about this with us! If you want to see more pictures from this birthday event, please visit Photography by TT, and if you were at this party and want to leave a note for his birthday book that wasn’t ready, please leave it in the comments below for me to transfer to the book.

Until next time…





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