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What an emotional week. Have you ever experienced so many highs and lows at once, you get the feeling that you can’t breathe?

Stress can be very overwhelming and when you have a history of anxiety, some situations should be avoided; yet they can’t always be.

I have so many things on my plate this week that it took me until Monday night to even hear about the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, but when I did, I felt a rush of emotions.

Notre Dame fire:Huge inferno devastates world famous cathedral and leaves one firefighter injured

Of course, my immediate response was sadness, but then I felt a rush of gratefulness for all of the travels I experienced almost twenty years ago. Having a passion for landscape photography, I believe I photographed (with film) every church I passed through all 8 countries I traveled. (Maybe I’ll try to dig some of those images out of their albums and scan them in to share with you soon.)

I never made it to France, thus not having the pleasure of visiting Notre Dame, but it’s been on my bucket list and I have sought out photographs of this cathedral for years. Here are a few of my favorites from this week for you to enjoy!

Witnessing the unity from this fire makes me hopeful that we (the people of this world) can love each other as much as we love a place, a building. It makes me hopeful that we can recognize the little things, needs and even the history in our own backyards.

What need will you recognize and move on? Today, I’m getting out of my comfort zone, asking the hard questions, and collecting resources for those who feel there is no hope. There are so many victims of domestic violence who feel there are no resources to help. Let’s bring those resources to the forefront and give back hope.

If you have resources for Georgia Victims of Domestic Violence, please drop them below.


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