Mama, How Will You Handle The Crisis?

Mother with children

Something hit me today, as I looked ahead to see how I could manage things under our new circumstances. I dig change! Not everyone does, and that’s okay. But as moms, we’ve already been trained to roll with the punches.

So I see an opportunity to have some fun! Try something new and look for some lessons God has for me in this time of change. What can I learn from the circumstances He’s put me in?

Question for you. Are you trying to fit learning into your quarantine or are you treating it like an extended spring break? (There’s not right or wrong answer here.)

For my family, we aren’t located in a school zone that I don’t consider an option for us. We are very unsure about where to place our kiddo as he begins his elementary education. Personally, I don’t feel equipped to homeschool, but maybe God is trying