Parenting Dilemma

After a day outside with the family, playing hard, this mama needs some prayers. My sweet boy fell into the lake, not once but twice, yesterday. (Hold-on, haters! He was under adult supervision.) He definitely panicked, probably swallowed some nasty water, and may have created a healthy fear of water for the time being… Lake water intake may have also led to #pukeonislefour. That’s right! I cleaned this up twice, after bedtime. YAS! Moms know what that means; clean the kid and get him comfy, oil him up (Thieves essential oil blend on the feet and Tummygize… well, you get the drift), strip the bed, wash the contents of the bed in the sink and then throw them in the washer, remake the bed… but wait, all his favorite blanket are in they wash… so, oil him up again (Valor to the rescue) and snuggle long enough to see if he can go back down without puking! No? Okay, round two…

You get the picture, but wait; then, I am told about secondary drowning which I’ve never heard about. Panic! Google! Panic again! Is my kiddo gonna survive the night or drown in his sleep? I had to check him 10 times before finally going to sleep at 1 am. Did I mention, I had the monitor volume all the way UP for the first time ever? Oh, and I was up checking him every few hours throughout the night… I’m a tired mama today, who is still a little stressed out (enter Stress Away essential oil)!

#MyBoy has remained himself, showing no signs of t