What’s Your Season?

Seasons of Life! We have many and my current season is parenting. Like anyone else, I don’t want to do it alone. I’m not talking about needing a husband to help. I’ve got one of those, and he’s good at doing it with me. I mean, the need or desire to surround myself with other moms who understand the ups & downs of this season.

I’ve been blessed with friends. Don’t think that I’m having a pity party for someone to come befriend me. I’m blessed with great friends. However, my best friends & I have each written our own, different stories. We’ve done our seasons in a different order than each other, not to mention, none of us live within 20 minutes of each other.

So, I’m talking about needing a local circle of people to mommy with. I’m not the first with this need, so go ahead and stop making that face. I just might be one of the few to say it out loud!! What am I gonna do about it though?

I’m going to be intentional, that’s what! I’m intentionally being friendlier, putting myself out there, seeking opportunities to make friends with other moms in the same season of life as I.

It’s funny. Until #MyBoy was almost two, I didn’t realize this need would come. We lived in our own little world as best friends. We did everything together. We slept at the same time, ate together, and even played together. Then, he needed friends. He wanted to interact with people his own age, and time with mommy wasn’t as sufficient. Now, I probably did have a little pity party abou