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Our current reality includes everyone moving and scaling their business, online. Are you one of those people or is online marketing new to you? Or maybe you’ve been online, but you’re not sure how to position yourself to STAND OUT online, in order for your ideal audience to continue connecting with you even through the chaos and noise they are filtering through each day.

Now, if you’re a Small Business Owner, in Network Marketing, Creating Online Courses or even a Coach, you need to LISTEN up.

It’s easy to feel stuck when you aren’t converting your audience to sales.

And I can guarantee the ones you’re watching ROCK their business have mastered one thing different than you.


I want to help you overcome the incredibly simple but really hard to accept things that will make the biggest impact on your growth.

So, here are a few TIPS that made a massive impact on my results:

  1. Be true to yourself. Be authentic. If your audience knows you, they will also know if you’re speaking in your own voice, or if you’re duplicating the words and efforts of other marketers. Don’t fall for it because they won’t either.

  2. Get online. Not on social media. But on the web. Create a website that attracts your ideal clients and converts those visitors to sales.

  3. Show up. Show up for your audience. Whether your audience finds you at in person networking events, on your personal or business social media accounts, in private Facebook groups, on your blog or podcast. Show up – consistently.

It’s easy to read this and say, “I can do that!” But when you sit down to implement, you get stuck, let your mindset shift to the negative, get distracted or revert back to old habits of thinking instead of doing.


Don’t fall victim to the repetitive lack of action anymore!

I’ve reserved a block of FREE tickets for an upcoming STAND OUT Virtual Summit that will show you EXACTLY how to implement these tips and many more that are working for 20+ 7-Figure Earners.

Did you hear me? Free tickets.

Register with Tiffanie for your FREE ticket today!

Currently, registration is still open and FREE, if you click here to access the event through me. When you click, add your info to my form and then you’ll receive an email from me with a link to grab your free ticket.

After you register, I’ll even send you a FREE gift.

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Normally at conferences we’d get to meet, hang out, chat and even network. Since we can’t do that at a virtual summit, I wanted to create that space for everyone who grabs one of my free tickets. So be sure to comment below, or email me by clicking here, when you’ve completed registration, and I’ll get you added to this Facebook group. It’s gonna be impactful!

Friends, I love you and want to grow with you. I hope you’ll join me for this next week!


About the Author

Hey! I'm Tiffanie.

I help women design a life they love, full of passion, focus on their God-calling, and income.

Join a community of women who want this too! The WE/Me Community fosters connections, collaboration, and support, as we uplift and inspire one another on our faith and entrepreneurial journeys!

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