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Boost Your Brand
3 Mistakes to Avoid

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If you've ever felt your brand doesn't quite reflect your divine purpose or leaves you puzzled by inconsistent messaging, this branding guide is your roadmap to clarity and alignment.


My guide will:

          Address the Top 3 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

          Identify the IMPACT of these mistakes

          Provide a clear SOLUTION for each mistake

Have We Met?


hey, yall!

I'm Tiffanie.

I am a believer, wife, mom, daughter, and friend, but I spend my days coaching women entrepreneurs on finding clarity in their God-calling, on how to build a business doing what lights them up,  about Legacy Branding, and building an online presence through web design and legacy content creation. I'm the founder of The WE/Me Community and Host of the launching-soon  Podcast, Fueling Passion and Driving Impact.

I'm committed to building community and passionate about helping women design a life they love, full of passion, focus on their God-Calling, and income.


        Waking up to notes from new clients sharing how happy they are now that “they've finally found the person that can help them."
        Having the ability to share your message with people who know, like, and trust you
without having to post all over social media.

        Growing an audience of fans who need and want what you have to offer.

        Not worrying about where your next sale will come from.

        Designing your best life by serving your ideal client.

Yes, this is possible!

Inside When Branding Goes Wrong, you'll find 3 common branding mistakes to avoid.

In this guide, we'll explore common branding pitfalls and provide practical solutions to ensure your brand aligns with your divine purpose. Let's dive in! Get your copy today.

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"I had a specific vision in mind when it came to rebranding my salon companies. In my search, a close friend recommended Tiffanie. She was, indeed, the perfect person for the job. From the first time I spoke with her, she just got it. She understood that I wanted more than just a website, but that I wanted all of my projects to speak the same language to my customers. She built the site from scratch and fulfilled all of my must-haves - plus way more than I even knew I wanted. She is efficient which is very important to me and was a great communicator throughout the entire project. Very reliable and extremely talented in her field. She is now on staff, working with my team monthly to help with all my IT needs. Everyone needs a Tiffanie on their team!!!! Highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

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—  Sydney Helms, Master Stylist + Salon Owner

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