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Gone Fishing for Rhett’s 1st Birthday

The first year of parenting #MyBoy has been so much fun that I had to go all out for his first birthday. What mom hasn’t said or done that? I did have so much fun planning Rhett’s 1st Birthday though! I chose the Gone Fishing theme because we had recently moved to The Pollard Plantation on the lake and why not? his name is Jameson Rhett FISHER Teel.

I wanted to be creative and knew if I was thrifty, I could do more. Making my own banners, food labels, photo booth props and food was a lot of fun. It made the whole experience so much more memorable for me. After all, is a first birthday party for the child or for the parents? Let’s be honest… its for the parent and the non-baby guests!! Let’s just hope everyone had as much fun as I planned for them to have. 😉

My most favorite craft was a faux-chalkboard. You know the adorable birthday chalkboards with all the kids stats from the year? Well, sells those for $30+ dollars and they were amazing, but I felt I could duplicate for a lot less. So, I bought a $1 Foam Black Board from the Dollar Tree and created my masterpiece with bright, everyday, every-household colored pencils.

We had BBQ because what’s a better outdoor food, mid-summer food? For dessert, I offered a Candy Bar, Cupcakes and a First-Birthday Cake (which was another favorite creation. See pic below!). Making fondant was much easier than expected, but coloring fondant was much harder than expected. Lucky me after getting the base and fence on the cake, my artistic mom created the cake toppers for me! It was adorable.


Of course, the very best part about the entire party was having our friends & family share this event with us. The kids had fun fishing in the “catch-n-release pond” & the lake where they all caught a lot of fish, and everyone helped entertain & shower Rhett with gifts that he has so much fun playing with on a daily basis. Thank you for leaving notes in his Message-In-A-Bottle for him to read on his Twenty-1st Birthday, writing in his Guest Book and for your presence. We love each of you and we are very blessed by your love and friendship!

Please enjoy the following photos. If you didn’t make the blog, please don’t be sad. The photos were chosen at random, and I love you too!

Did you go all out for your little’s first birthday? What kind of crafts did you do? Tell me in the comments below.


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