Our Family is Growing by Two Feet

Well, our story is our story, that is for sure! I’m gonna have to start at the beginning for you to understand why I’m blogging about our growing family… Matt & I met at Camp Chula Vista in 1991. I had a crush on Matt, but he was a little too cool for school back then. 8 years later, we were reintroduced by a mutual friend (thanks Matthew Grace)! From there, our love began to bloom.

The last four years were spent trying to conceive and plan for our future family. It consisted of trying to sell our business, sell our house and move across the country. We couldn’t understand why these plans never fell in place, until we discovered we were finally pregnant. Light Bulb! God has a plan for us and we are not in control. We can dream, plan, and work hard, but until God’s plan intersects with ours we may not see certain things come to light.

Now, we are expecting our first son. We are so thrilled, and we think about him every day. Planning for him is the most fun I have had in my life! We have dreamed about our first child for years, and now we are so thankful to be living a dream come true.