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How to Survive the Trifecta of Shopping Days :: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday

I am not one for crowds, nor do I typically have a shopping lists for gifts. Yes, I’m that gift giver. I have to browse for something that pops off the shelf at me for you! However, now that I have a kid, I am trying to come up with gift ideas early and take advantage of the famous shopping weekend after Thanksgiving.

I need some tips though! So, if you can tell me how to create a gift list to shop from, I think I could benefit from my own tips even better, so please share with me in the comments below.

Trifecta of Shopping Days

I have been trying to ease into this weekend a little at a time, one year at a time; therefore, I do have a few tips to help you stay sane during the trifecta shopping weekend of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Start with one of the three days! If you are not a shopaholic who normally shops until you drop, pick one of these three days and just have fun. Not letting this weekend or one day stress you out might allow you to come back for more in following years. (Tip: use Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil to lighten your spirits and fight the surrounding stress of crowds and shopping goals.)

  2. Only shop at the stores you love! There are a ton of deals available and the ads WILL overwhelm you. Instead of browsing all the ads, just check out the store ads for your favorite stores. If you do have a gift list, let Google do its job and search item by item to find the best price.

  3. See what deals your friends are getting! Browse your social media accounts for deal links shared by your friends. You may discover that you shop for a lot of the same things as your social circle. If you take the time to browse your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, you may just find YOUR DEAL OF THE DAY!!

Last year, I shopped Small Business Saturday through Instagram. I felt super good about supporting small business moms who are doing what they love and just trying to make enough money to share it with us. Then, I may have done a little Cyber Monday browsing that turned into a purchase or two, but I didn’t let any of it stress me out. Who knows if I’ll ever get out into the stores on a Black Friday or not, but if you can teach me how to make a Christmas Shopping List, I might get a little more serious about this weekend. I’m open to tips, so please send them to me in the comment below!

One more place that I look for great deals for myself (shh!!! sometimes, you just have to shop for yourself too!) is Ali Fedotowsky wears the cutest outfits and writes my favorite Blog EVER! So, when she makes a #CyberMonday list of Sales, I have to read.

And, since we are talking about shopping deals, I have to end with the deal I’m offering. You know that I am a Young Living Independent Distributor, so, of course, I have a deal to offer you too!

Small Business Saturday - Cyber Monday Deal

I love it when you interact with me, so please comment below and let’s discuss this trifecta weekend of shopping deals or my Essential Oils.


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