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Favorite Things Friday

We all have addictions, and since a few of my favorite people are sharing their favorite things, I wanted to jump in and share a few things that I’m totally obsessed with right now!

  1. YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS. No surprise, I know… but I am seriously obsessed because they smell sooo yummy, and they’ve brought my family better health and wellness! Woodsy Smells are my current favorite. Most of them keep me focused and relaxed. Cedarwood, Vetiver and Lavender are what you’ll find diffusing in my bedroom diffuser almost every night because they promote a relaxing, deep sleep.#YLEOs #YLlifestyle #YourOilyFREEK

  2. DIFFUSING. My #1 Favorite way to use Essential Oils is through Diffusing. They make our home smell so good, help set the mood and keep #MyBoy asleep all. night. long. Currently, I’m diffusing Lime and Northern Lights Black Spruce. The citrus promotes energy, while NLBS promotes emotional, calming support!

  3. RED WINE BLENDS. I’m finally giving into the fact that I’m a wino. Who cares, right? Well, if you know me, you know I love my red wine, but my favorites are really the red blends, such as Apothic, Cocobon, Dark Horse, Primal Roots and Mmmhmm… 14 Hands. Have you tried 14 Hands?

  4. OVER. Do you like to edit photos on your phone? Do you like graphics? You’ll L.O.V.E. this app. It brings out the creative side in me and keeps me feeling creative even when I’m uninspired!

  5. SHUTTERFLY BOOKS. I started this incredibly organized and detailed baby book for #BabyT, but haven’t touched it in almost a year. Guess what? #MyBoy is almost 2. Shutterfly Books have saved my pride because I’ve been fairly consistent ordering these as a substitute for the “baby book”.

Tell me what your current favorites are and why, in the comments below!


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