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Is It Time To Reevaluate Your Plan?

This post contains affiliate links which means I’ll earn a small commission if you choose to purchase. For more information, check out my disclaimer.

Tired of hustling DMs to answer the same ole questions about your product or service?

Has Facebook blocked or banned you from posting one too many times for a reason you don’t even understand?

Do you feel stuck, like your message never reaches your ideal audience?

It’s time to talk about resolving any frustrating issues in your business so you can reach your ideal client, instantly.

  1. Are you depending on social media to communicate with your ideal client?

  2. Do you hear crickets on at least half of your social media posts?

  3. Are you using Facebook Messenger more than email?

  4. Are you personally managing your DMs?

If you said yes to at least 3 of those questions, it’s time for a change.


I spend a lot of time in conversation with other entrepreneurs about what works in their business, and what doesn’t. Here are common business tools and business process examples that work across the board:

Leverage Websites Over Social Media

  1. Launch a website written for your ideal client by designing it in a user-friendly platform, such as Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify (for e-commerce).

  2. Simple Website Design. Keep it simple.

  3. Answer the most asked questions about your product or service by building FAQs.

  4. Use CTAs (call-to-actions) to direct visitors to your sales page(s) and convert your ideal clients into lifelong fans who purchase tickets to anything you offer. A CTA Button can be effective for converting site visitors into cash-paying customers.

Social Media for Marketing Strategy

  1. Use social media as a marketing tool instead of a website.

  2. Direct traffic from social media to your website (where you own your content and build loyal followers).

  3. Use autoresponders to set expectations and direct traffic to your FAQs, opt-in-forms, and sales pages.

Email List Building

  1. Feel the love when you build an email list full of raving fans.

  2. Invest in Email Marketing by choosing a service provider or platform, such as Wix, Aweber, Active Campaign, or Convert Kit.

  3. Stop worrying about the visibility of your social posts, by placing every message directly in front of your audience by sending it directly to their inbox.

Benefits of Automation

  1. Invest your time. Write down your business process and convert it into an automated workflow that manages your client experience for you.

  2. Invest in the right-for-your-business tool. By investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) such as Dubsado, Active Campaign, or Go High Level, you can increase sales up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by up to 42%.

Design Like a Wix Expert relaunches in January and will help you tackle the first step: your website.

You can’t see me but know that I’m jumping for joy at the thought of sharing my web design skills in a group setting of highly ambitious entrepreneurs.

So, if 1:1 service doesn’t fit your budget and you’re ready to check-off these changes in your business, get that finger ready to click HECK YES, SIGN ME UP!

But wait. You can get details about Design Like a Wix Expert straight to your inbox over the next few weeks.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s used these steps to improve your business and increase sales, tell me what worked for you in the comments below.


About the Author

Hey! I'm Tiffanie.

I help women design a life they love, full of passion, focus on their God-calling, and income.

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