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Design Like A Wix Expert

Ever lost a game? Maybe you didn’t score the grade you thought you deserved on that final last semester? Or was it simply the lack of attention your last social media post got that sent you tumbling down into the pits of despair?

Hey! I’m Tiffanie. I feel your frustration.

If you’ve been around for a hot minute, you’re familiar with my story about redesigning and launching my own website earlier this year. And I‘ve been honest about the challenges—all those hang-ups, including imposter syndrome, the need to achieve perfection, and the frustrations that come with how much time these projects take.

The highs and lows got me wondering how those without design experience feel about designing a website themselves. Are you overwhelmed? Are you ignoring an unfinished site? Have you given up?

These questions resurface over and over again. In fact, I keep thinking how much this course of mine is going to help you get moving with that website, and how much easier it would have been if I’d had someone guiding me—with full-on encouragement from start to finish.

My brain is moving faster than I can keep up…

So, I’m here to deliver.

For you.

Design Like a Wix Expert is here to help you design a fully functional website on the Wix platform and go live within 30 days.

Inside the first release, everyone gets an experience that combines my professional experience and skills with your desire for results.

Here’s where you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know about this exclusive course.

Yeah Baby! I Want To Know!

In a nutshell, this course is designed to give you:

  1. A winning perspective.

  2. Hands-on experience designing your own website.

  3. Expert guidance from start to finish.

It’s designed to eliminate obstacles and excuses and provide you with the know-how to create a website you can be proud of.

Design Like a Wix Expert is my first BETA course. It will be delivered LIVE on Facebook over 6 weeks and includes:

  1. 6 LIVE interactive video trainings (plus access to the recordings).

  2. 6 LIVE Q&A sessions where I’ll answer your burning questions.

  3. The option to launch your website in a quick 30 days.

  4. A private Facebook community with access to me 5 days/week.

  5. Homework (don’t worry, they’ll be fun and move the needle in your biz!)

  6. A personal review of your work.

  7. Weekly emails.

Design and Launch A Professional Website in 6-Weeks or Less

But you’ve got to know…

The doors will close on this first-time offer at 11:59 PM EST on November 9th.

Future versions of this course will NOT include as much 1:1 access to me, your trusted Wix Expert. I’m keeping the numbers low, so don’t risk missing out. Act now to take advantage of those savings!

Especially because I’m not sure if I’ll offer it at this price again.

Ask yourself…

“Is designing and launching a website important to me and my business?”

“Am I done being stuck where I am?”

Heck Yes! Where Do I Sign Up?

Let me boost your confidence because, honey, you deserve a little relief. And this will get you launched by the end of this six-week course because…

When you join by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, November 6th, you’ll get these bonuses:

  1. 1-hour of hands-on design service from me. That’s right 1-hour of 1:1 with me!

  2. Access to the final, polished version of the course once it’s launched + all of its evolutions for as long as it’s available.

The doors are wide open, and I’m ready to welcome you, friend.

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

Love your life!

P.S. Here’s what Sydney had to say about her experience with my 1:1 service.

I had a specific vision in mind when it came to rebranding my salon companies. In my search, a close friend recommended Tiffanie. She was, indeed, the perfect person for the job. From the first time I spoke with her, she just got it. She understood that I wanted more than just a website, but that I wanted all of my projects to speak the same language to my customers. She built the site from scratch and fulfilled all of my must-haves – plus way more than I even knew I wanted. She is efficient which is very important to me and was a great communicator throughout the entire project. Very reliable and extremely talented in her field. She is now on staff, working with my team monthly to help with all my IT needs. Everyone needs a Tiffanie on their team!!!! Highly recommend her to any and everyone!” ~ Sydney Helms

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About the Author

Hey! I'm Tiffanie.

I help women design a life they love, full of passion, focus on their God-calling, and income.

Join a community of women who want this too! The WE/Me Community fosters connections, collaboration, and support, as we uplift and inspire one another on our faith and entrepreneurial journeys!

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