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Simple Website Design

If you’re thinking about designing your own website, you’ve Googled and found a lot of new terms that you’re not familiar with, such as usability, accessibility, conversion, favicon, and cookies. And no, these aren’t the type of cookies we love to eat.

I won’t define the web design industry jargon for you today, but I do want to provide some tips that will help the DIY Web Designer with do-it-yourself website design. (Click here for an old reliable source for Web Design and Development Terms and Definitions.)


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So what does it mean to design for the user?

In short, provide the information needed for a user without any knowledge of your product or service. No more and no fluff, and no less.

But how and what does that mean from a do-it-yourself web design standpoint?

Reference these tips as you design your website to check usability for each page of your web design.

1. Leverage Visual Hierarchy

Leverage Visual Hierarchy to guide the user’s attention to more important elements first. Visual hierarchy in web design refers to the arrangement, size, color, and contrast of visual elements. It implies importance and influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees.

2. Simple Website Design

KISS your design. Keep it simple, sweetie. In other words, create a simple website design. Follow a simple page design to engage users and keep them on your page longer. Here’s a sample design flow from top to bottom:

a. Provide a Contact Link or Phone Number in the top right corner.

b. The top of your page should have a clear, simple description of services above the fold.

c. Next, provide clear answers to the top questions your ideal clients ask.

d. Provide evidence, examples, data, and social proof next.

e. Video is a great way to humanize your brand story and connect. If you have videos, make them visually appealing, keep them under 60 seconds, and take a bold approach placing them high on the page, rather than burying them beneath the fold.

f. Last comes the CTA (call to action) which should follow these other important sections.

3. CTA Buttons

CTAs (call-to-actions) are used to direct visitors to your sales page or to buy now. While it’s smart to use a CTA at the top of the page under your main headline, it’s also important to spread out the use of CTAs as a lot of persuasions happen further down the page after key information has been consumed. Note, using CTAs the right way will convert your ideal clients into lifelong fans who purchase tickets to anything you offer.

4. Website Headlines

Use descriptive, key-phrase-focused headlines written for each page.

5. Professional Website Photography

Use personal photos of people, not stock photos of people. People gaze at faces more than anything else from the time they are born. Faces draw attention and can be used to direct attention, as well. Use this example with the baby. Photos can give directional cues to guide the visitor’s attention.

6. Directional Cues

Arrows also work quite well when used as directional cues.

7. White Space in Design

Use white space to your advantage. Plenty of white space in your design translates into a non-cluttered or low visual complexity design.

8. Descriptive Website Navigation

Be descriptive with your navigation and site structure. This is an opportunity to guide your visitors through a journey beyond your home landing page.

I could continue on but in honor of keeping it simple, let’s stop here for now.

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