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It's time to get you oily!



It's time to get you oily!



So, I am glad you dropped by. I see you doing it all, juggling life, family, home business, and all the pressures of our modern society and someway, somehow, trying to take care of everyone’s health in the middle of it. Me too! Along the way, I've found simple, convenient, safe, and effective alternatives that have revolutionized my homes and our wellness. Oh, what's that you say? You don’t have time to figure out something new or learn how to use it? Don't worry! I am not going to sell you something and then send you on your way to figure it out on your own. Nope! Meet my community. This is the informed, awake, savvy and beautiful healthcare of the next generation.

Get your Young Living Essenital Oil Premium Starter Kit from Tiffanie Teel

what are
essential oils?

They have been used for thousands of years to promote full-body wellness and emotional health, as essential oils are the "life blood" of the plant. They are extracted through different methods based on the plant using processes such as steam distillation and cold pressing.

How can essential oils be used?

how can they
be used?

I use essential oils aromatically (directly or via a diffuser), topically or internally.
Did you know Young Living’s Vitality line are the only essential oils on the market that are labeled safe for consumption and internal use?
Add vitality oils to a capsule or take sublingually.

Where can I get essential oils cheap

where do
I get them?

You get to choose between wholesale and retail options. Below, I’ll provide the full product guide. Ask your questions, and when you’re ready, click the ordering link below. Young Living is referral-based and these instructions ensure you sign up with me, so I can offer you oily support!


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Don’t misjudge essential oils for a popular trend; they have been around for many, many years (all the way back to Bible days), and are used in a variety of ways to support emotional and physical needs and can create a deep spiritual awareness. Essential Oils are the distilled essence, the "life blood" of plants, and come highly concentrated when you find a trusted supplier.

​I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils because their unmatched Seed to Seal process guarantees the purity and potency of each oil and get this! Young Living's oils don’t have an expiration date, they offer a vitality line of oils that are safe for ingestion and a wide variety of other products that are safe for the whole family.

Tiffanie Teel, Young Living Independent Distributor

Young Living offers the most amazing bundles, most often referred to as Premium Starter Kits (PSK). There are a few essential oil PSKs, as well as others which include products like Thieves Products, Savvy Minerals makeup, NingXia Red, and even Nature's Ultra CBD!

But, "I want to know how you got started!" Okay, okay! You can find my story here. But I want you to remember that when you sign up with me you get access to a whole community.


take a look through our product guide

Disclaimer: I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils and my suggestions should not be used with oils from another source. Statements found on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. I cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor can I promise you any certain results. I encourage anyone to consult with a physician if you are suffering from a disease or injury. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop. Consult your physician!

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