A New Website Launch That Will Knock Off Your Socks

Today is an exciting day. I get to launch the most beautiful website that I’ve ever designed, and even better, it markets a friend and her business. Kayla Duffey is such a talented photographer, and I feel so lucky that she asked me to design her very first website. I’m so honored and thrilled to share it with you because I’m so happy with the final result!


I’ve been waiting a long time to work with someone who was deserving of the look and feel this website brings. Don’t get me wrong, any client deserves the best, but you gotta stay in your lane. Not just any industry website can be as pretty as one of a photographer. Once Kayla decided she wanted to move forward, I interviewed her. It is important for me to understand the vision my clients have for the final result. Otherwise, how can I deliver a satisfactory product?