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A New Website Launch That Will Knock Off Your Socks

Today is an exciting day. I get to launch the most beautiful website that I’ve ever designed, and even better, it markets a friend and her business. Kayla Duffey is such a talented photographer, and I feel so lucky that she asked me to design her very first website. I’m so honored and thrilled to share it with you because I’m so happy with the final result!


I’ve been waiting a long time to work with someone who was deserving of the look and feel this website brings. Don’t get me wrong, any client deserves the best, but you gotta stay in your lane. Not just any industry website can be as pretty as one of a photographer. Once Kayla decided she wanted to move forward, I interviewed her. It is important for me to understand the vision my clients have for the final result. Otherwise, how can I deliver a satisfactory product?

Kayla’s photography is light and airy, so it was important to portray that same look on her website. First things first, filter through all the images. And let me tell you, that part didn’t suck! Her work had me longing for photos of my own. Besides identifying the right images for her site, we had to find the perfect script font, identify the topics that needed to be covered, and sections of the website that would draw future clients in so that there would be no other choice in photographers.

I can’t tell you how laid back Kayla was to work with. She is a super busy mom of two in school, and she’s already booked out into 2019. I was constantly surprised at how fast she was able to get me all the things, like her bio and so many other things that a designer depends on her clients for. With behavior like this, we were bound to produce a beautiful thing!


The result is stunning! The entire site is desktop and mobile-friendly, allowing both audiences to navigate the sticky menu with ease. Kayla’s Instagram feed is to die for, so this is an aspect I had to feature throughout the site which will give site visitors a new look each time they land anywhere within


I think my very favorite aspect of this website is how each page scrolls on a desktop. It feels modern, but yet looks so classic!

I also love how Kayla detailed and what each of her packages includes and the price. As a shopper, I want to know if I like the style of the photographer and can I afford her. And Kayla answers these questions for her audience.


Did you know Kayla Duffey is a 15 time published photographer? And there are new publications up for review right now. Whether you’re looking for engagement photos, a warm wedding venue, or just want to know who your photographer is, you’ll find it here when searching for the Top Newnan Wedding Photographer.

Please take the time to visit and look around the site. I would love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment below. I certainly hope you love it as much as I do – so be sure to check it out from your mobile and a desktop! If you are all ready to book a session for 2019, click here, and mention my name! Did I mention she will travel? Now, it’s time for Kayla and me to pop the champagne and celebrate!


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