At Forty…

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Let’s be honest. As our birthdays approach faster & faster throughout the years, they bring a range of emotions that might look a bit like a heart rate – up & down, up & down. Though depending on your attitude, you might hear the music behind that beat!

As my B I G 4 O approaches, I find myself listening to the music from my almost forty-year-old library because when I was young, I truly expected forty to behave that “over the hill” feeling or maybe even “life is over at forty” feeling. For me, thirty was much harder. The music I hear today reflects acceptance, adventure, authenticity, change, gratitude, kindness, love, and an abundance of memories! Maybe I see the glass half-full, as compared to thirty I saw the glass half-empty. It doesn’t really matter. I’m here. I survived the last decade, and I have a boatload of experience, wisdom, and memories to prove it.