A Year of Change

I entered one of the biggest transitions of my life, recently. And with it came heartache and tears, joy and happiness, laughter and friendship, and so many more adjectives. Honestly, I don’t know how I am already reflecting on the past four amazing years that I was given! But the days of parenting at home with my boy all day, day after day have passed. Now, we’re a few months into our new normal.

It’s funny. I had all these plans for how I would spend my mornings while he is in PreK, but it seems those dreams need to wait a little longer. God threw a few blessings my way which are blossoming into these beautiful projects that make me feel accomplished and even a little giddy. I didn’t realize a little techy project could fulfill my inner soul so.

If you know me well, you know that before parenthood, I designed a few websites here and there, managed a few small businesses' social media, and dabbled in a few other marketing strategies, but did you know I’ve been doing it again?

Mother Hustler | Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) turned Work At Home Mom (WAHM) | Tiffanie Teel Web Design Newnan

Yeah, so get this. A sweet client from my past called and wanted to run a few web solutions by me. He said that he’d been approached by several companies trying to convince him he needed to update his website, but, note, they all said the same thing. While your site doesn’t have a current design, it’s doing its job, well. The funny thing about this one is that we knew when we put that site to work over 5 years ago, it wasn’t a savvy design then, but to keep the cos