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Escape the 9 to 5: Craft a Purposeful Career You Love

Escape the 9 to 5 and Craft a Purposeful Career You Love

Introduction to Escape the 9 to 5

Good morning! Today, I want to talk to you about work, the 9-5 grind, and how you can avoid it - escape the 9 to 5. It's important to find work that you love and that brings you a sense of purpose. In this blog, I will share some tips on how to identify your passion and purpose, be flexible with your schedule, and build a value-driven business. If you are looking for the full video transcript, click here. Now, let's get started!


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Identifying Your Passion and Purpose

Reflecting on what truly brings you joy and a sense of purpose is essential. It may take time to discover your true passion, but it's worth the effort. For me, it took 14 years of being an entrepreneur and trying different things to find my purpose. I realized that I was passionate about helping people, and that became my driving force.

When opportunities came my way, like revising a friend's website, I saw it as a chance to combine my passion for helping others with my goal of avoiding the 9-5. It was a freelance project at first, but it developed into an opportunity for personal growth. I learned to prioritize my family while still pursuing my work goals.

Be Flexible and Have a Purposeful Schedule

To avoid the 9 to 5 and love your work, it's important to be flexible and create a purposeful schedule. Start your week by planning and blocking out dedicated work hours. Make a list of tasks that need to be accomplished, both for work and personal life. Prioritize your tasks and focus on the top three items that will make your week successful.

Of course, unexpected events may disrupt your schedule, especially if you're a mom. But being flexible and open to change is key. Remember that there is a season and a time for everything. If something doesn't align with your current goals or values, it's okay to say no to projects or clients. By being intentional with your schedule and priorities, you can find greater satisfaction in your work.

Building a Value-Driven Business

A value-driven business aligns with your core beliefs and contributes positively to the lives of others. Identify the values that are important to you and incorporate them into your business. For example, if integrity, quality, and communication are your values, make sure they are reflected in your interactions with clients.

Personally, I found that tithing and giving my business to God made a significant difference in my income and overall peace of mind. Your values may differ, but infusing them into your everyday processes or using them as checkpoints can guide your decision-making. Remember that your business should reflect your beliefs and positively impact those you work with.

Escape the 9 to 5 and Craft a Purposeful Career You Love
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Avoiding the 9 to 5 and loving your work is possible if you follow these tips. Identify your passion and purpose, be flexible with your schedule, and build a value-driven business. Remember that it's not an overnight process, but with time and effort, you can create a fulfilling career that aligns with your values and brings you joy.

If you're looking for a community of like-minded women who are avoiding the 9 to 5 and loving their work, I invite you to join me at The WE/Me Community. Together, we can support and uplift each other on our journeys.

Have a wonderful day!

Video Transcript

00:00 [Music]

00:10 good morning happy Saturday it is a cold

00:14 Saturday morning here in Georgia I'm all

00:16 cozied up with some coffee and I wanted

00:17 to just jump on and chitchat about work

00:21 9to5 the grind how to avoid it how you

00:24 can avoid it and love the work that you

00:26 do I am going to just jump straight into

00:29 this topic with you and tell you how

00:32 important it is to identify your passion

00:35 and your purpose reflecting on what

00:37 truly brings you Joy and a sense of

00:40 purpose is truly important for me I was

00:43 able to find this over a period of time

00:46 it's not an overnight process but after

00:49 let's say 14 years of being an

00:52 entrepreneur and doing so many different

00:54 things including MLMs I I did that right

00:58 after my son was born and I just kind of

01:01 couldn't sit still I would do that in my

01:03 spare time but then I found it was just

01:05 kind of eating up not just my spare time

01:08 but it started eating up my family time

01:11 because I was so focused on building a

01:13 business out of it instead of just

01:16 focusing on my family which was the

01:17 whole point of the time that I was

01:19 spending at home at that point so after

01:21 my son started school and I had some

01:24 time freedom I was introduced with some

01:27 opportunities to do what I had done

01:30 prior to becoming a mother and that

01:32 included some web design which I said I

01:34 would not go back to but I really didn't

01:36 have any good reasons why I shouldn't go

01:38 back to that so I just started

01:40 reflecting on what was important why

01:44 should I or should I not accept those

01:47 opportunities and at that point my true

01:52 purpose was to avoid the 9 to5 but my

01:55 passion was helping people so when I had

01:57 a friend come and ask me to to revise

02:00 their website the one that I had built

02:02 for them years prior it was important

02:05 for me to consider them because I was

02:08 just passionate about helping people and

02:10 then I connected the dots I was now able

02:12 to connect those dots and not just help

02:15 him but also avoid the 9to5 so when I

02:18 first jumped into that project it was

02:20 more freelance style like I had done

02:23 before and then it just kind of

02:25 developed into an opportunity to develop

02:28 myself and my mind because initially I

02:30 was like oh I'm on this timeline I

02:32 promised to have this project done in x

02:34 amount of time and I just wanted to sit

02:36 down and Hammer out the project whether

02:38 it meant doing it morning noon and night

02:40 or whatever even though I said listen my

02:43 family comes first and I'm only going to

02:45 do this while my kiddo is at school so

02:49 through that project and probably the

02:50 next few projects I finally learned to

02:53 relax and truly put my priorities in

02:56 order so if you want to avoid the 9

02:58 to5 and love your work I really

03:01 encourage you to number one identify

03:03 your passions and your purpose Proverbs

03:06 1:63 will help you with that commit your

03:09 work to the Lord and your plans will be

03:11 established just sit on that and think

03:14 about it for a few minutes and know that

03:16 it's not an overnight process it's

03:19 something that you really have to work

03:21 at on a daily basis you have to reframe

03:24 your mindset to put yourself in a

03:27 position to accept the changes that come

03:30 with the before and the after when

03:33 you're doing this the second thing is to

03:35 be flexible and have a purposeful

03:37 schedule for me the things that work the

03:39 best is to start my week planning and

03:42 have kind of times blocked out I don't

03:46 do time blocking necessarily but I'm

03:48 definitely a list maker and a list

03:51 checker right I check my list on a

03:53 regular basis and I go back to it so

03:57 every week I plan out my week I time

03:59 block I say say okay this is already on

04:01 the schedule it's nailed down I can't

04:03 move that these are the times and the

04:06 hours that I really have to sit down and

04:08 get my work accomplished but then I make

04:10 my list of things that have to be

04:12 accomplished I separate them between

04:14 work and personal and know that during

04:17 those different time blocks like for

04:19 work when I'm blocking off for work I

04:20 know okay this is where I have to get

04:23 the checklist done that's work rated and

04:25 I always have a top three so on that

04:27 checklist of tasks that Happ to be

04:30 accomplished I have a top three if I can

04:32 accomplish those on day one Mondays are

04:34 hard but if I can accomplish the top

04:36 three on Monday I'm basically done with

04:39 my work for the week because those top

04:41 three items are the things that I have

04:43 to accomplish for that week to be

04:45 successful in my own mind so are things

04:48 going to pop up during my week that are

04:50 going to flip-flop things around and are

04:52 they going to be surprises in my week

04:55 absolutely listen as a mom when your kid

04:58 gets sick does it throw your schedule

04:59 off it throws your schedule off

05:01 especially if you're a stay-at-home mom

05:03 or if you work from home and your kid

05:05 has to stay home let's be honest that

05:08 will throw off everything but you have

05:11 to be flexible again I encourage you not

05:13 to expect these mindsets to happen

05:15 overnight but to just relax into them

05:20 accept those changes as they come be

05:23 flexible but start your week off being

05:25 purposeful Ecclesiastes 31 says for

05:28 everything there is a season and a time

05:30 for every matter under Heaven friends I

05:33 can talk to you about Seasons all day

05:35 long there are so many seasons and you

05:38 are not alone if you feel like you're in

05:40 a season where you just cannot get your

05:43 mindset where it needs to be to

05:45 accomplish a big goal but just relax go

05:48 back to God's word and seek him first he

05:52 is going to help redirect your path he's

05:54 going to give you the peace and the

05:56 assurance that you need to finish

05:58 accomplishing ing that goal or to reset

06:01 the timeline for that goal maybe you

06:03 just need to recognize that this is not

06:05 the right time for a particular goal the

06:08 third thing that I think is important

06:11 for us when we are trying to avoid the 9

06:14 to-5 and we want to love our work at the

06:16 same time is to build a value driven

06:19 business so what are your values what is

06:22 important for you to incorporate into

06:25 your business that connects you to it

06:28 long term okay this isn't something that

06:31 I set up right away but I did connect to

06:34 some values that I was able to recognize

06:37 later that carried me through until I

06:39 truly created the values for my business

06:43 and some of those that I can tell you I

06:45 connected to right away really went back

06:47 to step one that I referenced which is

06:51 to be intentional about your purpose and

06:54 your passions so I did know I was

06:57 passionate about helping other people I

06:58 wanted to help save my friends some

07:00 money I mean they were being quoted you

07:02 know at the time what I thought was

07:03 outrageous rates I knew that I could do

07:06 it for them and save them some money so

07:09 that was important to me and also they

07:10 trusted me and they wanted to work with

07:12 me again and that was encouraging for me

07:15 but also I wanted to help them out I

07:17 wanted to give them the option to work

07:19 with somebody that they knew and trusted

07:21 so those are some of the values that I

07:23 think just kind of followed and carried

07:25 me through the early days of doing

07:27 business but some of the values that I

07:30 have in business now include Integrity

07:33 quality communication right high level

07:36 communication also working with

07:39 like-minded women is something that's

07:41 really important to me and of course we

07:44 work with people outside of our target

07:46 audience but just making sure that the

07:49 foundational beliefs and core system

07:52 works for both parties the way you

07:54 interact with clients is important

07:56 business practices are important but

07:59 again again I think the values there are

08:02 to make sure that for me tithing for my

08:06 company doing that with my business has

08:08 made such a major difference in my

08:10 income giving my business to God rather

08:13 than depending on myself has just made

08:16 the greatest difference the piece that I

08:20 have about finances is so drastically

08:24 different than before my business was

08:26 God- centered so stop and take some time

08:29 to really think about what kind of

08:31 values do you have in life should they

08:34 roll over into your business and how can

08:37 you identify what those are and how that

08:39 they would affect your business just

08:41 Infuse them into the everyday processes

08:45 or at least use them as checkpoints

08:47 because let's be honest we're all given

08:49 these different checks in our heart and

08:51 our mind and when something pops up like

08:54 I'm not real sure this is a project I

08:56 want to take on for XYZ reasons let's

08:59 let's go back to the core values and see

09:01 if the project lines up and if it

09:03 doesn't just know this is when it is

09:06 time to say no to a project or a

09:08 potential client you'll definitely find

09:10 greater satisfaction in your work when

09:13 it reflects your beliefs and you know

09:16 contributes positively to the lives of

09:18 those that you're working with for this

09:20 point I want to bring up Colossians

09:23 3:23-24 whatever you do work

09:26 hardly as for the Lord and not for men

09:29 knowing that from the Lord you will

09:32 receive the inheritance as your reward

09:34 you are serving the lord Christ so

09:37 remember in your journey that it's very

09:40 possible to avoid the 9o5 and when I say

09:43 that I am kind of referring to like a

09:45 corporate job if you're a career Pro and

09:47 you're here listening to me today

09:48 avoiding the 9o5 could just mean the

09:51 typical schedule and you're capable of

09:54 doing that by just go to your boss and

09:56 talk about you know what's not working

09:58 for for you and how you could make some

10:01 shifts I was speaking with a good friend

10:03 yesterday and she was informing me that

10:07 she's part-time now but she was like

10:09 actually you know I'm truly not

10:11 part-time when I informed leadership of

10:15 the changes that I needed for my work to

10:18 align with my values and my goals and

10:21 also allow me to have the balance that

10:24 she needed in life that she was going to

10:25 either have to quit her job or she was

10:27 going to have to go part-time and she

10:29 was able to actually work with

10:31 leadership and time block her her

10:34 schedule so that she's able to

10:37 accomplish all the hours and all the

10:40 classes and teach everything she needs

10:42 to so she can then use her afternoons

10:45 while she's in town while her kids are

10:47 in school to accomplish the things that

10:49 moms need to accomplish like going to

10:51 the doctor or getting groceries done

10:54 before she has a car full of kids in tow

10:57 anyway it was just a beautiful thing for

11:00 her to share with me how she

11:03 accomplished this but yet it was a

11:05 win-win solution for her and for the

11:07 school so again if you're in a

11:09 professional career don't think that

11:12 these tips won't help you as well so

11:15 friends thank you for tuning in today

11:17 I'm Tiffanie Teel and I'm just here to

11:20 share my journey and help you on your

11:23 journey and just create a community

11:26 where we know that we're not alone and

11:28 we can totally build each other up

11:30 remind each other that guess what you

11:32 probably haven't gone through this for

11:34 the first time someone else has probably

11:36 gone through this struggle before let's

11:38 identify what that struggle is but let's

11:40 also share how we were able to overcome

11:42 it so that we can help push each other

11:44 through those moments quicker than we

11:47 might have to if we were alone so I hope

11:49 you have a wonderful day if you're

11:51 looking for a community of like-minded

11:53 women who are avoiding the 9 to-5 and

11:56 loving their work I invite you to join

11:58 me over at the we over me

12:02 where we are building a new group of

12:05 women and online community space as well

12:08 as a local space and opportunity to

12:11 connect and support each other on a

12:12 regular basis friends have a great day

12:15 and thank you for joining

12:27 me

12:29 [Music]

12:35 [Music]


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