Finding Peace After Tragic Loss

I just received horrible news! A dear real estate friend has just encountered a horrific, tragic loss. I’m lying here with so many confusing feelings and not sure if this is even real life…

It was just this week that I was thinking about some of the losses in my life. In the moments, weeks, and even years past losing someone unexpectedly, much less tragically, it’s hard to find peace. It’s hard to understand why someone would be taken from this life when you expect they have so much life ahead of them. Until one day, it hits you! God has a plan & a purpose! I have asked “why?” so many times. What could His reason be? I’m sure He doesn’t do anything for one reason alone. I’m sure His purpose is broad. However, I can finally look at some of my personal losses of close, dear friends, like family, with a sense of peace.

My life could be very different! Their lives could have turned out even more tragic than death. It’s hard to think that about those that I’ve lost, but it’s possible because I do think there are worse things than dying. Holding my precious baby boy, praising God for him… One different turn, and he wouldn’t be mine! My epiphany is probably way different than others who have shared my same losses. God knows that He will affect each individually in a different way through one act. This week’s thought about death isn’t the only time I’ve found peace or purpose in past losses, but the timing was purposeful because tonight I received n