Losing Those We Love

I have lost a handful of important people in my lifetime and experienced more than a handful of insufferable losses. On November 24, 2012 I lost another friend, who many would consider too young to die. The death of Charles P. Cooper IV (Proctor or Coop, as many of us knew him) has heightened my senses of these loved ones. Though Coop and I were not currently a part of each other’s everyday lives, I find myself thinking of him daily. These thoughts and memories lead me into my prayers for everyone who was a part of his everyday life. They will continue living without him. His wife and daughter, along with his unborn daughter due to join this world on Christmas Eve, will have to move forward living a life on this earth without the one person most important to them. Though it sounds so insensitive, it is reality. The road will be sad and happy, hard and fun. Thankfully, time does heal, as cliché as it sounds. I pray that all of those closest to Coop are able to find a way to keep him close, as I have found a way to hold my loved ones close to my heart and soul.

In my experience, reminiscing through conversations, experiences, and photos helps to enhance my dreams. At night when I close my eyes, I find the chance to spend time with my loved ones once again. If spending time with them in my dreams is all I get for now, I’ll take it because the sense of picking up where we left off is so consoling; we talk, laugh and experience things together that are possible on earth. Though they are only dreams, it often feels so real and it helps me to never forget! It comforts me and guides me through life. My dreams are where I can bring these people back into my life, if only for a instant.

Since my thoughts are consumed by all of this, I will be gathering a few memories and favorite