What The World Needs To Know About New Moms

Before I became a parent, I had several friends who entered the parenthood world before me. Way before me. I experienced the roller coaster of emotions that came with my role as a kid-free-friend. And if you’re a woman whose friends started having children before you, you know what I mean.

Picture life before kids. Always busy. Dinner plans a few times a week. Dinner, drinks with the possibility of local music at least a couple of weekends out of the month. Concerts a few times a year. Vacations. Oh, the days of fitting in vacations with friends. This is the time of your life when you’re choosing your framily, friends who are like family. You cannot imagine life without them.

Then someone gets pregnant. Because you love them like family, you’re thrilled. You can’t wait to plan baby showers and celebrate their growing family. And you really can’t wait to get your hands on that itty-bitty-baby. These are the moments when you imagine being the best aunt in the world because, of course, you’ll be just as involved; you’re already sharing life with these people.

You and the besties plan a baby shower and invite all of the other friends with who she has been doing life. It’s so much fun because everyone is giving cheers to the pare