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Putting Pinterest to Work

Have you seen the super cute barn doors all over Pinterest? My dad built one for my master bedroom last year, but it’s been lost in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind much?

Now that it’s in my sunroom, I’m finally getting it ready for installation. Just wait until you see the other side of this door, or better yet, wait until you see the finished product. Dad did a great job building this door from scratch and the hardware… came from Etsy. Oh, and ya'll, the door will replace a set of curtains.

Yes. You heard that right! We currently have curtains up in the doorway where this will be hung. Needless to say, Pinterest is gonna make Mama and Dadee appreciate the darkness this will provide to our haven, and we might just enjoy the privacy too! 😉

This image is one that inspired me in the making of our barn door, but even more than that… the images on the blog where I found this image… inspire me to dream about my forever home. Check it out here, and dream with me.

Visit House of Turquoise and Dream with Me

Come back. I’ll post pictures of our finished product here, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear about a Pinterest inspired project that you completed.


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